Drake – Certified Lover Boy Album Review

Drake is, easily, one of the biggest rap stars in the world. He's an artist that can be credited with totally shifting the musical landscape of hip hop as well as the ...

28 thoughts on “Drake – Certified Lover Boy Album Review

  1. Drake is not a album artist he has good pieces but never a good cohesive collection of well thought out songs put together to give you a clear feel of the album.It's clear he's not motivated he's just popular and cashing out on ppl's stupidity falling for his half ass projects.Ppl been saying the same things about him since at least Views that his albums aren't hitting drake at this point is really riding on his name

  2. Well the good news is Cole and Kendrick are stepping up. U are a Drake Stan if u thought this was great. Repetitiveness, no soul, predictable, lackluster features, and Drake barely even tried. I actually like Drake but u can’t be a real fan and say this is his best music. That means you don’t understand that his classics are far superior in quality than this smh

  3. i really try to like this channel but it comes off as a bunch of old heads hating. like you know what they going like and what they’re not lmao it’s predictable

  4. 21:50 I'm with Ken on this one. It bothers me when I'm discussing music and people start talking money and business. I don't care. Yeah, Drake is moving smart, but we're not analyzing image building or marketing or whatever. If we're judging music, keep it about the music.

  5. I agree with Rod wholeheartedly .
    Drake was singing on Girls want Girls & In the Bible wtf ! This album soft as fuck & this the first time i agree with Rod ass

  6. Basically this album was Drake’s perpetual “Why can’t I find a great woman”, “I’m the greatest”, “I’m doubted”, “I’m envied” all that shit. Dude bring something interesting to the table

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