Doja Cat – Been Like This / You Right (Medley [2021 MTV VMAs])

Doja Cat - Been Like This / You Right // Medley [2021 MTV VMAs] Doja Cat // Planet Her // The New Album Out Now Listen Here // ...

46 thoughts on “Doja Cat – Been Like This / You Right (Medley [2021 MTV VMAs])

  1. I thought I was crazy when I saw Doja Cat on a vs. In my live stream last night.
    My mind is blow and I still can't believe it.😘🥰😍🤩 I was Satan U a PINK BLOW UP COSTUME ..
    If that was U
    I'm still SHOOK🙃

  2. The way she sings so gracefully in that position, being herself literally 20 ft in the air, we love and aritist who can dance, sing, act, and has a good personality, its hard to find one who has it all, we got lucky ladies n gents

  3. Honestly I don’t see how people could still support her after all the racist stuff even tho it’s been a year now every time I hear something about her that racist stuff comes to my mind honestly despise her and I’m surprised that black people still support her-

  4. i feel like a proud mama. i remember being here during the cyber sex premiere. here since Moo. i will stay gate keeping Doja even in the afterlife.

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