Posted on: May 17, 2021 Posted by: Cammie Scott Comments: 38
Decorating Our Living Room and Home Tour!

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  1. So why don't u try to get commercials I mean u have a good voice for it. Just saying..u would probably make more money. Just throwing that out there LOL..and the mirror is very pretty the color is like seafoam isn't it?

  2. No need to get custom cabinets for the guest bathroom vanity. Get an ikea base cabinet from their kitchen line. These can be used as vanities and are GREAT quality for the money. Make sure you work with ikea staff though so you get the right parts. If you want a more stream lined option, Ikea also has some great quality prefabbed bathroom vanities that are 15 in depth!

    Love the video!

  3. Cammie I know you’ll do a great job with decorating your house! I’ve been watching since you used to live in apartments by yourself and even then you always managed to make everything look so pretty and nice!

  4. That place where you said you would close would be a lovely place for plants!! Ugh love the place and excited for future content

  5. Wait wait waaiiittt ok first let me just say this, yaaasss interior designer Cammie 👌🏽👌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    But ok I have quesTIONS! We all know Cali real estate is re-DONCULOUSly expensive. I don’t even wanna knooowww how much y’all paid for this house, but you’re tellin’ me that for the PRICE of this house, there’s no bathroom in the master bedroom and no actual “guest” bedroom besides the basement?! I’m confusioonnnn I need a blueprint layout of this house!! 😩😩

  6. Over half the comments are about the shelves? Really people, it's wood pieces mounted on a wall and you can put things on it, i'm sure it;s been done before

  7. 😳9 minutes in: where is Frank?
    Minute later: oh thank god. There’s Frank!
    (As a library clerk as a heads up-having books on top of 1 another/not vertical damages the spines)

  8. The home is lovely, but it needs a splash of colour. I'm into old Victorian heritage estates. I would recommend that you add some rustic Victorian or French floral furnishings into your home. Colours such as light green, purple, blue, red and orange would add a nice touch. Use a rose vine to hold back curtains and dont be afraid to decorate your ceiling lights with flowers. I love hand made objects and antique clocks from the renaissance era (it has a warm romantic theme). Hope that helps. 🌸..Just wanted add one more thing, Cammie, you have beautiful eyes.

  9. Absolutely loved everything in the living. Had to pause video to read titles of your books, you really have so great conversation starters there.

  10. I understand the bathroom bottle struggle. My partner and I got shampoo and soap dispensers that stick via silicon on the bathroom tile. It’s so amazing and no longer do we have bottles falling on us so would recommend!

  11. It's pretty normal that the walls in a house aren't straight. The books really look nice on these shelves.
    Love it how Frank was just lazily laying on the couch and watching you sort it out.

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