Dad Reacts to Kanye West & Kid Cudi – KIDS SEE GHOSTS

grrrat, gatgatgatgat!!!!!! KIDS SEE GHOSTS - KIDS SEE GHOSTS ...

25 thoughts on “Dad Reacts to Kanye West & Kid Cudi – KIDS SEE GHOSTS

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your channel! You and your dad are awesome! I initially didn’t like this album when it came out and never revisited until listening with you guys. I For sure have more appreciation for it now.

  2. Your dad's reaction to Reborn gives me goosebumps. Its exactly how i felt about the song the first time I heard it. It's so beautiful and yet was one of the least talked about songs on the album.

  3. I'm a 40 year old who grew up with Kanye and Cudi and Kendrick. Loved hip hop as a young man. Watching your father enjoy this music as I did when I first heard it. When I'm close to his age gives me chills. I have watched your videos for the last 4 hours lol

  4. Man the fact you have reviewed Cudi, Kanye classics and Father John Misty is literally my wheelhouse. Great channel. You’re Dad seems like such a genuine good guy. Very important albums in my life as well assuming we are the same age.

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