Posted on: April 8, 2021 Posted by: Arekkz Gaming Comments: 21
CYBERPUNK 2077 | Open World Gameplay - Exploring Night City

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  1. If you ignore the horrible npcs, the city actually looks beautiful, especially if you just look up and acknowledge the skyscrapers and futuristic architecture, if cyberpunk did one thing right it was being able to capture 2077 in a city perfectly.

  2. a lot of time has been put in the buildings and story but the physics are terrible i think the developers thought only the graphics sre the base of the

  3. Best playthrough I've seen so far tbh! I've seen so much negativity on the official release, although I'm very much interested in the PC release. I've seen Angry Joe's take, and other console plays, and it looked really… REALLY bad. I know that future updates will fix alot of the issues being mentioned. Even No Man's Sky went through the same life cycle, but look at it now! I have high hopes that CP2077 will follow in the same light.

  4. Could be you suck at video games or the quality of this video but driving mechanics look like dog shit all you do a slide around and fighting looks clunky and GTV 5 looks a alot better then this game.

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