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Cyberpunk 2077 Console Graphics
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  1. if they want to save their game
    better to make story that character was living in virtual world
    after odd things happened "bugs" the character realizes that he was kidnapped for virtualization testing on human brain and he must find way to get up

  2. I think it took 330 million to make this game and I have played this game and see full of bugs is this game. Not satisfied .These games did not break the GTA level. And some people say it's a bigger game than GTA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. CD Projekt lied about everything. Game obviously was not meant for 9th gen consoles. This game is not an RPG. This game does not have an immersive and alive open world, it does not even have a proper AI system. Misleading trailers, polished promotional images etc, those are one thing, lying about every single aspect about your game is another. I have never seen anything like this before.
    Features missing in this game missing, which would make this an RPG:
    – deep, meaningful choices (yeah, nope! Not really!)
    – diverging story paths (nope, not there!)
    – building deep relationships with other characters (nope, not there! Frankly the only character you half-way build a relationship with is your romance and frankly those are lacking as well, especially in variety! There's one straight one per gender and one for gay people per gender…buh, fucking, who! Mass Effect did this better than you CDPR!)
    – Interactive City (not really, you can't even sit on a damn bench unless the story demands it!)
    – City-Simulation that reacts to the player, their deeds, reputation! (Not in the game either, hell the basic AI-Package for the pedestrians and drivers is laughable! Cars don't go around if you park on the road! People run away in a panick if you do double jumps around them etc. etc.)
    None of that is in the game! You see remnants here and there in quests that they showed off over the years, but even there most of those systems aren't working!
    Frankly They lied to us up to release, so IMHO they commited fraud. The bugs are IMHO a minor issue! It is the design-choices, which they probably will not change as they'd have to go back to the drawing board and re-write the whole story etc., that really make this a bad game!
    And how are they gonna fix the fact that your life path literally doesn’t affect your story? None of the character choices make any kind of a “major” impact like they talked about! The AIs are ammo sponges and it takes multiple headshots to take them out. Vehicle control is ridiculous. There’s just so much wrong with the game. There is absolutely no attention to detail. I didn’t have any expectations as such but the game itself is half-baked. I hope it’s not too much to expect the water to splash when I shoot at it? The game released in 2020 and several games from a few years ago are simply better. The world looks fantastic but only on the outside. The only reason we fell to their hype was due to the legacy of witcher 3. CD Projekt release prior to witcher 3 like witcher and witcher 2 were mediocre games.
    Their argument that ps 4 and xbox one are having poor hardware is baseless since Red dead redemption 2, ghost of tsushima and last of us 2 ran much better on ps4 than cyberpunk running on pc.

  4. They designed it for Console where you can get in 2077.
    You guys are doing it all wrong, The Devs are being rushed cos of Businessmen there.
    Everyone's doing it all wrong!
    It says 2077!

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