CREEPY Things Caught on Google Maps

CREEPY Things Caught on Google Maps! What was the creepiest thing caught on camera on google? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf ...

38 thoughts on “CREEPY Things Caught on Google Maps

  1. 0:11 that鈥檚 not UFO it鈥檚 something like a gas station or a sitting place that鈥檚 in India other Youtubers have seen this but some of them realize it鈥檚 not a UFO

  2. I saw a google maps car driving past a Chick-fil-A.Oh and the rabbits are really just like huge plushies. The donkey that you say it didn鈥檛 get run over. I forgot what it鈥檚 called but they just do that.

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