Craziest Things Ever Captured On Google Maps – Part 1

Google earth and google maps are the best. Lets find out about the craziest things ever captured on google maps. Part 2: ...

44 thoughts on “Craziest Things Ever Captured On Google Maps – Part 1

  1. Well while mapping out the first, second and third season of The Walking Dead years ago, I turned back the time and actually found the set of the first season in the spot where they had their camp near Atlanta! Not only did I find that, but I found the top of the building where Rick left Merle and where he met Glenn, T-Dog and Andrea!

    Later I found the Greene families farm, and then the spot for the prison, oh and I found the place used in the first season where those thug guys who kidnapped Glenn to get Ricks bag of guns were!

  2. I wish I could go on Google Earth, but I have a phobia — I am not joking….especially the ocean and the empty landscapes. Whenever I zoom down I get really panicky — to my mind it feels like I am being sucked in with no idea what I'm being sucked into. I know it sounds funny, but seriously, it feels like I'm having a panic attack when I zoom in from the top of the globe. I like street view, but just can't get over my phobia of zooming in. This is my only known phobia. I love spiders and snakes.

  3. 8:36 ScoobyDoo van parked on the sidewalk, the footpath. I hope more people report such selfish driver behavior to the parking authority. Ticket and tow that dirty bird.
    or those stem valves are accessible…

  4. The guy sitting on the side of the road with a horse mask on, holding the banana is the same one I seen on the dark web lol.

    There is a weird story behind it thay doesn't turn out pretty well I've read.

  5. If you go to Bottineau, ND (I was visiting on Google Maps for a school project), go to Main Street next to the train tracks (in street view). If you go forward along the street, there is a Grocery Store called 'Jason's super Foods' Keep going forward and around the center of the intersection it will automatically go back in time without touching the time controls at all, and the store will now be 'Jack and Jill's' It has changed management multiple times.

  6. my nephew googled his address and saw his mom boyfriend , topless in his home address entering his car. My sister had promise her son she was not dating this person, but google maps do not lie

  7. God the "jokes" are bad… some jokes are funny. Some go past funny and are only funny because of how bad they are, but these are so bad that it's gone past so bad its good right back to being god awful… like oh my just stop the shit "jokes" they make you sound incredibly unfunny, uncreative and make watching just a miserable time….

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