Classified US Government Secrets Revealed | The Tesla Files (S1, E5) | Full Episode

Classified US Government Secrets Revealed | The Tesla Files (S1, E5) | Full Episode

Marc, Jason and Travis follow the trail back to New York where they discover traces of a shadow government bent on keeping …


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  1. Current Modern Science narrative:

    Singular big bang theory is really true -> Forces of nature came into existence -> Space itself is expanding -> Universe and all in it eventually end in a big freeze. (Life itself eventually ends, for all the rest of future eternity).

    What Appears Might Be Really True:

    Universe always existed in some form -> Forces of nature literally eternally exist -> Red shift can be explained utilizing known physics, no dark energy or dark matter needed -> Life itself comes and goes in existence -> And will continue to do so throughout all of future eternity. (Life itself does not end, just comes and goes, for all the rest of future eternity).

  2. Switch out the copper parts with iron and it will be back up to Tesla Specifications, on all of Thomas Edison and Nikoli Tesla equipment. It needs to be iron or silver, mercury or Neomodium Magnets. Thomas Edison intentionally reduced the effectiveness of Tesla Technology

  3. are there any records of which trucking or shipping companies, who delivered the hotels goods and construction supplies? that would be a way to removed boxes or trunks without suspicions. where ever those warehouses were could be where the missing trucks are close to now . what do you think?

  4. All the elitist of that day knew electricity was the greatest source of revenue that history ever saw.
    Tesla found a way to give it for free. That’s why he had to be stopped.
    They destroyed him for his care of humanity.
    Then they came in and stole all his work to monetize his work. And still today we are controlled by the elitist who control the electricity

  5. PLEASE REFRAIN FRIM USING “COULD IT BE POSSIBLE”! It makes many people change channel because “ GIORGIO” that uneducated complete fool from ANCIENT ALIENS! You guys have verifiable credentials and SHOULD NOT BE COMPARED TO “GIORGIO” Who by the way has a college degree in physical education, compared with you guys who have PhDs in Physics. STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT had to do with Ancient Aliens. AVOID SAYNG “ COULD IT BE POSSIBLE?” Giorgio is a disgrace to those of us who have dedicated our lives and have doctorate degrees science!

  6. anyone else notice how.the tower tunnels replicate the Giza pyramid. especially the king an queen chamber
    the two towers are similar to Mayan an Aztec pyramids. all very odd. powers of old are the powers to be, like like on our money an how we have troops in the same places of the middle east so did Rome…. powers don't just fall… look at our colleges. they too have Greek fraternities. things numbered in Roman numerals. the eagle represents power. all of our cities are built with the same building styles like the days of old.

  7. I heard the name John G Trump 😳so is that the real reason Donald Trump mansion was raided by FBI for some missing documents from the white house, is this another reason why Elon Musk doesn't like Donald Trump because he has the document to something he needs? So many questions.. everything starting to make a whole lot of sense..

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