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[Chinese Restaurant Review] Spicy and Tasty (Flushing, NY)

We sure started off the year on fire! Fireworks!! Sparklers!!! And that was just in our bellies. I swear I ripped a new hole in my lower intestine. Spicy! And yet, very very tasty.

We were treated to a plethora of spicy dishes that were served up with solemn grace and humility that left our mouths agape (perhaps begging for water… but, for sure begging for more! Wait until you see all the dishes we sampled!)

This was one restaurant that we wouldn’t have ever stumbled in to even if we were just looking for a pot to pee in and every other store was closed. This restaurant was situated in the heart of Flushing amidst a thousand other Chinese restaurants. And if it wasn’t for our honorary brother, and now honorary Jew, Mee James Zeeman, who recommended this restaurant to Mee, then we never would have ever considered dining here:

Spicy & Tasty

39-07 Prince Street, 1H

Flushing, NY 11354

We arrived early on this Wednesday night, and there wasn’t much business at the time. A few other tables filled through the night, though the place wasn’t packed by any means. Temperatures were in the single digits and the wind chills were below zero. But, people surely missed the boat on this one… if they wanted to warm up, here were certainly the dishes to do just that!

The menu was filled with such unfamiliar dishes that we relied heavily upon our servers recommendations to regale us with an authentic Chinese meal. Fair warning: Some of the staff didn’t speak English (in fact, when you call you’re greeted in Chinese). But this is just the kind of Chinese restaurant that we seek.

Our motto for this meal was “Don’t think. Just eat!”. And eat we did. And drink too! Though there was no white wine, they did sell beer, and sake, and red wine by the bottle.

We started with five appetizers (we had hoped to try their fried Spare Ribs, but they only serve them on weekends):

  • Seaweed with Fresh GarlicVery nicely offset the hot spices in all the other dishes we had, along with:
  • Cucumber in Sesame Oil Salad
  • Chicken Bo-bo – almost make a boo boo in my esophagus. Gosh that was one spicy chicken dish. Yet, quite tasty! Hmm… perhaps that’s where the restaurants name came from.
  • Slicked Pork with Garlic Sauce – YUMMY! Almost like undercooked bacon. Tasty without the salmonella

Mini Mee wasn’t brave enough to try any of their signature dishes instead opting for Steamed Dumplings. They weren’t even on the menu. That boy sure knows how to get what he wants! Truly a Mee in the making! And he loved it so much that he asked for a second order!

We ordered four entrees to complete our dinner:

  • Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce – Out of this world!
  • Spicy Double Cooked Pork with Black Bean Sauce – A little dryer than the sliced pork in our appetizer, yet had a more distinctive smoked taste and went down just as smoothly. The dish was served with leeks – perhaps the best vegetable of the many accompanying vegetables.
  • Sliced Beef in Fresh Hot Pepper Like butter. My favorite dish!
  • Dan-Dan Noodle w/Minced Pork – This was a nice surprise. It’s a good thing our server served up this dish. I don’t think we would have known to have mixed it all up before doling it out. I loved the taste of these noodles, and it had a little hidden kick at the end. We ordered two of these dishes they were so good!

If you have a stomach for spicy Szechuan food, then we highly recommend Spicy & Tasty!

Sliced oranges were served for desert that cooled off our palates nicely. Fortune cookies were not served at this authentic Chinese restaurant.

The bill was extremely reasonable. Our stomachs were filled with joy and happiness. Don’t think; Just go and eat there!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

-Lonnie Goldman aka Mee Magnum (“Chop! Chop!”)

Source by Lonnie C Goldman


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