China’s $200 Billion Underwater Train To The US

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21 thoughts on “China’s $200 Billion Underwater Train To The US

  1. Not going to happen. Americans can’t do mega projects without someone getting offended.

    Wear a mask, nope
    Get vaccinated, nope
    Science is…. Nope, God says no
    Democracy…. Let’s make voting day a holiday, nope…
    Yeah… we will definitely stay competitive

  2. All these family hungry and people out here struggling and the rich out here about to put 200 billion into some train tracks I need some one to help me make sense of this it’s definitely a cool idea but I’m just saying it’s more to do with all this money then what is being done

  3. Didn't even eat h the ad at the start the train threw me off seeing as how we have only observed 5 percent of the whole ocean and for them to try and make something like that is not any way possible lol

  4. It' would take 20 25 years having to build 4 5 even 6 miles under water and it would take atleast half a trill maybe even 600bil and I'm sorry China will never be number 1 in anything u til they become more free and they are only close cause 3/4 of there economy is from us with cheap ass product

  5. Beginning of video: "China wants to build a 200 million high speed rail train"; Name of video: "Chinas 200 billion underwater train to the US"
    ?Question?: Is it million or billion 🤷‍♂️

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