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Chantel And Pedro Are Done: Now Drake Is Reportedly Moving On Chantel Privately – Tealisted

Some men don’t have any respect for a woman’s relationship, and the process occurring. Stories being presented appears to display Drake as one of those men. Rumors have it that since Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno of The Family Chantel went their separate ways…Drake wasted no time in shooting his shot at the reality t.v. star.

The rapper is said to have sent Chantel a message “inquiring how she was doing” following her break-up with Pedro. According to reports, Drake and Chantel have been having private communications over social media. Allegedly, there is a plan for the two to see each other at some point that could be soon.

A source had this to say of Drake in his actions with women:

“Drake has a way of wearing women down. They might not at first expect any romance with Champagne Papi but, before long, it always ends up that way.”

An emotionally distraught woman is often an emotionally unbalanced woman. Lets hope Chantel has her mental balance in check, and doesn’t become another situation in being bed by a man in what she believes will fill that potentially emotionally unbalanced void. It’s sad that Chantel and Pedro couldn’t work things out. There issues seemed so simple that required listening, empathy and sensitivity from both sides.

He wants her to cook. Keep the home clean and to show more support of him progressing- and she wants more time with him. Then there is the jealously she has in Pedro having a female work colleague, Antonella Barrenechea whom he spends much time with. Pedro made it clear that nothing is going on between him and Barrenechea, and that she even has a husband a baby with the man. Simple issues to resolved, but not so easy if one or both sides have a hard head in not having empathy for the other’s feeling.

Is it me or does it appear that Chantel really loves Pedro and that Pedro is just not really into her?

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