Censorship, Resistance, & The Creation of an Immutable History

Censorship, Resistance, & The Creation of an Immutable History

Large tech companies have begun censoring content, and it couldn’t be a more dangerous time for freedom of information to go missing. So what can be done about it? Decentralization applies beyond the realm of finance.

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  1. I remember Luke trying to interview one of the Bilderberger's attendie two year's ago on a YT video. He said to him "You have know idea what is coming", since then you have had Global warming, LBGT movement,wage inequality etc,military action in Syria and now cerveza sickness which shuts down the middle classes predominately and makes the rich richer. Is the Fed giving you millions to bail you out like the banks?. Middle classes are becoming more aware and want change of governments mainly-i.e. yellow vests etc. As for watching a video on YT and it has been watched by 100k: what are they worried about, the UK has 66 million people and the US has over 351 million. Even if its watched by a million people, as a percentage its not many, just like the CS numbers.

  2. or we can start watching our STAR as the World Economies "Reset" and integrate governments and assets into the "BlockChain" network because…..The next (Solar Flare)"Carrington Event"(1859) is set to happen once again every 150 – 300 yrs. Humanities "smart Grid" WILL SHUT DOWN within the next 150yrs PROBABLY SOONER. If humans survive this Flare then the next (CERTAIN) challenge arrives within the next 1,300yrs as a Catastrophic "World Wide Mass Extinction Event" 6/6 "Mini-Nova". Dont risk wasting any effort on voting for troubled dump or his pathetic opponent, instead just REGISTER for the GREEN Party. Be well.

  3. Hello? "Solar Forcing" is a brand new thing in mainstream science. "Cosmic" Rays are CATALYSTS for Cloud Development, snow, rain and even quakes/volcanic activity along with DNA mutations! VIRUSES ALL RESIDE within the upper Atmosphere (MOST if not ALL). Regardless of the fact that Earth's Magnetic Poles are "FLIPPING" while shields are down 20% , these "Cosmic Rays" can mutate viruses and cause rain on someone with a low immune system. Although rare they seem to be(cosmicRays), a Pandemic is actually expected when readin Solar Cycles, this is that period.

  4. China as a country is no saint, and the U.S. is no saint. But the U.S. is the snake of all snakes. Both countries are complicit in criminality, but if China is guilty of any skulduggery, you can bet the U.S. set them up for a fall and framed them. The U.S. likely entrapped them in some way.

  5. Funny, Trump and trumpist media pushing the "China's fault" narrative, while the intel community saying there's no conclusive evidence thereof. It's clear Trump pushes this narrative for political reasons in an electoral year, while the intel community wants to bury the issue because they have their fingers on all over the place.
    Check this video, from one of the best (if not the best) independent investigative channels around

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