CAPTAIN MARVEL 2019 Movie Review: Sucks Really Bad! Here's Why

CAPTAIN MARVEL 2019 Movie Review: Sucks Really Bad! Here’s Why

Captain Marvel is not a good movie. Well, maybe it is a good movie if you are in it’s desired target audience. And that audience appears to be teenage liberal girls and their liberal mothers. The film was released on March 8th, 2019 which just so happens to be International Women’s Day. March is also Women’s History Month. The main character of the movie, Captain Marvel, is a woman played by Brie Larson. Much of the notable supporting cast are also women.

It’s girl power to the tenth power!

What part of that recipe mentioned above would appeal to your average adult male who is the chief consumer of action adventure superhero movies from Marvel Studios? Not much if any. Which is why the movie sucks so badly.

Lifetime or possibly Netflix on a free trial would be the best vehicles to consume a movie like this. Maybe wrapped up in a blanket while you eat some bon bons. It did not have much action. Dialogue was muted and far too long. Entirely too many soft and emotional scenes.

Marvel has a history of producing exciting movies about their superheroes with plenty of special effects. A CGI buffet. But what was delivered in Captain Marvel was the total opposite. It fell totally flat for a superhero movie and didn’t even really fully capture the emotional side that a Lifetime movie would do. To your inner 12 year old liberal girl looking for equal representation on screen, this may be a masterpiece. To the rest of us, not so much. Check out the video review for more!


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  1. I did not watch the movie. I could not get into the avengers infinity war. I watched Dredd. Now if Marvel-Disney would get their heads out of their ass. They would be as good as Warner Brothers Comic Book movies. Which is so much better. Warner Brothers does a better job. If they get the rights. To Space battleship Yamato. I will be in line to watch it

  2. I work in something, where women can't really work…but they're pouring in thru positive discrimination politics…but the work it's the same, it doesn't change just because now there are more women on it, so eventually this specific work of mine suddenly has become even harder, cause now you have to work for the women at your "side"…and usually they are picking the most accommodated places in the "company", places where you would go in your old days, now are filled with young women too… it's everything wrong and you can't say anything.

  3. I just didnt like Brie Larson at all in this. She was too stiff. In my opinion it was just a very poor casting choice. I didnt mind the SJW nonsense so much but thats probably because i was so distracted by the cardboard acting. Its a real shame because i enjoy the genre and after the success of DC's WW i had high hopes.

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