Can Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special "Sticks & Stones" SAVE Comedy?

Can Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special “Sticks & Stones” SAVE Comedy?

Veteran stand-up comedian and actor Dave Chappelle is calling out the segment of society that would take a comic’s jokes made years ago and use them as a bludgeon, as means to smear comedians on social media and have them banned, blacklisted, and boycotted.


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Dave Chappelle Calls Out Cancel Culture: ‘Worst Motherf**kers I’ve Ever Tried to Entertain’


You Can Definitely Skip Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Special ‘Sticks & Stones’

All the Worst White People Love Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones

Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special targets Michael Jackson’s accusers, Me Too, and cancel culture


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  1. There was no intention to insult anyone to be honest. He was simply addressing the Trans Elephant in the room and Acknowledging how silly they look. He basically just held up a mirror the entire special.
    "Oh me? Ok fine, but right back at ya (long pause) bitch !"

  2. I find it incredibly sad that while untold millions suffer at the hands of the elites in so many ways, at a time when we all have so many REAL PROBLEMS, people wants us to spend precious time learning to behave the way they want us to, because they have their priorities about as organized as the U.S. government. Before you argue: bureaucratic red tape. How bout we focus on things that matter? Things like food, shelter, energy, healthcare, and so many things that matter more than feelings that won't matter at all when there's no one to feel them because we wasted too much time following our hearts, which doesn't give a damn about anything but feeling good.

  3. David definitely did his thing!!! IF you can’t laugh you can’t appreciate his genius. I’ve watched it twice so far. Even Glen Beck talked about this!!! Glen Beck?!!! I laughed more during Sticks and Stones than his other work. Now I have gone back and gained more appreciation of his work. I didn’t laugh at his jokes as much in the past. Now I think I see the undercurrent of his humor. He’s gifted and able to laugh at things others don’t readily see!! Superb!

  4. IMO this comedy special will stand the test of time up their with Eddie Murphy's Delirious/Raw and Richard Pryor's Live on the Sunset Strip.

    It was well time and desperately needed for the soul of comedy. In this cancel culture we all need titans like Chappelle whose literally told corporate America to kiss his ass (see the time he left comedy central) and go fuck yourself.

    I honestly don't think there's another comedian walking the planet with enough gravitas and cachet that could tell the jokes he did, survive the fallout, gain more popularity, and make a shit ton of money at the same damn time.

  5. Dave had always pushed the boundaries. Even on his show, "Black white supremacist", the "Ni***s", "I Know Black People", the reverse Law and Order sketch. He doesnt care what's PC, he simply observes what's funny about all of us. I really am glad he's the one who took the stand against PC culture. This special, to me, seemed more to be about being 100% real, and F the consequences. One of the greats and one of the few to still say what he wants in "current year".

  6. It was my favorite from him so far! I even here other comedians talking shit about him going to far or making fun of certain topics that they didn't like. From what I use to understand is that comedians stick together because nothing should be off limits, but some are acting like they were just to hurt by his words. Pathetic.

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