Blac Chyna Speaks On Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Divorce

Blac Chyna Speaks On Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Divorce Does Blac Chyna know something we don't about Kim and Kanye's divorce? It's been a ...

40 thoughts on “Blac Chyna Speaks On Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Divorce

  1. One surgery away from cat woman, it's literally frightening. K haters need to chill and focus on what makes you so angry. It's not the K's beauty wealth and fame that's the root of it!

  2. This is gross that they are admitting the age differences .The parents should be ashamed just like multiple others in this entertainment industry.This is shameful

  3. I mean, c'mon, even Kim kardashian gets cheated on!!! It's not about your looks to keep a marriage, but your values and your partners values. Kanye is so "religious" and cheating on his wife and now divorcing…

  4. The audacity of how they tried to paint her in the court documents. They are the biggest culture vultures, always after a man that's taken. And want the world to support them after they've got with who they want for that time period. I'm no Blac Chyna fan but she followed the same blueprint as them 🤣 I hope she wins the case just because it would be the humbling that is needed for the Kardashian-Jenner clan ! They think they're untouchable

  5. idk why im watching this.
    But Cyna needs to find self love. She's had kids with little immature boys, who she baby sat and tried to "save". Having kids with 2 different men w.o actually being with them for a LONG time is very immature, and unhealthy.
    You dont just POP guys kids and expect to be happy.
    Also, being "thrown" away by that family like trash and then sleeping with their brother and poping his baby, was a Huge attempt to get back in the family "she felt abandoned" and Literally kept abandoning herself.

    Honestly, all these ppl are fake and gross. They have no self awareness, and they keep playing God.

    So in return, they keep suffering. Cause God creates Beauty and the Devil creates Chaos.

  6. She & her family got that money from digging in rich people wallets since day 1 so hilarious they got rich after all of this so funny dont see any beauty at her or her child ! Facts 100% there are real woman's with real beauty kim is never gonna win against a woman that has been born with natural beauty lol perfect body & face haha , kim will never have that in her entire life not even her children's haha , keep Reading YouTube , because you remove comments about kim & her entire family everyone who speaks the Truth about them gets ban from YouTube so again speaking facts & the Truth having opinions in the comment section , you instantly ban people just for speaking & saying the Truth its so hilarious YouTube is for poor people they don't have a real job or any income , its so hilarious they post crazy stuff & say many insane words not for kids ! These channels aren't getting ban bit someone who speaks the Truth and having a opinion is instantly getting banned haha. So hilarious

  7. I hope Blac China wins!! Get that money girl !! Get all of it!! The Kardashian/Jenners are ridiculous smh , they can do some messed up sh** then get mad at someone eles who does the same messed up crap they just did but when it's done to them….omg ….how could you ,that wrong blah blah blah!! What hypocrisy!!! Pot: omg kettel you are so black gross !! Kettle…umm your black too !! Wtf!!

  8. Well this video said it all. Soon they will start using all the kids to make money. They care only about your money not you. Stop supporting these type of people. They're messing up young girls mind. 👧

  9. Well the apple don't fall far from the tree, Kris taught them nothing about being a lady or a woman that's why they can't keep a man no man would be proud enough to bring that home to meet the parent's they'd be to ashamed to tell them who he's dating I don't think any of them ever met there in-laws to be honest.

  10. She had a choice . That y the same thing happen to
    Chloe thin it was nit so funny . They trued to do it to Jay Z and Beyoncé . Bee will never trust her . Those womans don’t care who man they be with REAL TALK

  11. All these thots are just mad because they aren't wives just baby mommas that keep getting played kim k has always bern classy no tattoos doenst drink no drugs and was a wife before a mother they just mad because shes class and they're trash

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