Best of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Through the Years | KUWTK | E!

From closet cleaning to weddings and petty fights, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" pair has been through it all! Watch. #KUWTK ...

36 thoughts on “Best of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Through the Years | KUWTK | E!

  1. Wedding rehearsal #3 was very different to #2. Also, when I hear kanye speak, he really does seem like a really intelligent and reasonable guy, so it's so hard to believe that he has mental breakdowns. Really sad, honestly.

  2. If i were kim,I would never wanna let go a man like kanye,he cares for her sm,always supporting her and loves her sm,always get her the best things and best gifts,he is also a billionaire,a rapper and a fashionista and a Christian,a good dad and a kind man who is brave enough to speak out his opinions (this is why he gets so much hates tho) ,I mean some ppl don't respect kim bcoz of her image ,like the tape and all and yet kanye respect her and love her sm,even tho they already broke up,kim still used his last name as hers and they still follow each other on social media too ❤

  3. I honestly feel really bad for Kanye, I feel like hes mis understood and people change everything he says and does to fit the narrative that hes crazy. I dont think hes crazy at all. I think hes very much aware, he tries to tell people to wake up and of course gets shut down by certain people with certain agendas.

  4. He seemed to be happier, more „together”. As the show went on, something destroyed him. Literally. All of those cameras, following them 24/7, you could see that he had enough.

  5. always loved them together, but that was so cruel of Kanye to mention that sex tape on his twitter. (really? he had to go there just like any hate filled, jealous troll) He humiliated her. His wife. What's next?

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