Beer Review - Ramstein Blonde Wheat Beer

Beer Review – Ramstein Blonde Wheat Beer

My first experience with Ramstein, a little craft-brewer located in Butler, New Jersey, was a stop in at the brewery during one of the “second Saturdays of the month” open brewery tours. It was literally two blocks from my house at the time of my visit, so how could I pass up the opportunity?

Ramstein Blonde Wheat has a distinct fruity nose, and I got a nice hint of apple there. Seriously. Paying special attention to this during my third and fourth sips I noticed how strong the apple characteristic was. I’d even venture to say that there is a honey sweetness mixed in there with that tart apple nose. Very pleasant to sniff!

I noticed a certain spiciness as well. Pours a pale golden color, but had a rather short-lived head. It fizzled pretty quick. Of course that does not spoil the rest of the experience!

This is a bottle conditioned German style wheat beer, not overly carbonated, with a unique quality. The mild carbonation is actually a pleasant quality in this beer, and likely varies somewhat from beer to beer, being that it is bottle conditioned. But I would venture to guess that this moderate carbonation is intentional in this case.

Sports a pleasant tartness, nice malty sweetness, and is very complex and refreshing. Very smooth finish, with a subtle, lingering aftertaste reminiscent of that one might get after taking a sip of a semi-sweet riesling.

Ramstein Blonde Wheat is a nice representation of the German wheat beer style. I liked it, and highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a fine craft-brewed beer.

Source by Drew Vics

Written by lyfer

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