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Basic Chinchilla Tricks Your Chinchilla Can Learn

Newsflash: your chinchilla will not learn how to write. The chances of your chinchilla wagging its tail in joy are just as far-fetched. Leave those tricks to other animals. Don’t be disappointed though. There are chinchilla tricks exclusive to your pet and cannot be performed in quite the same way by other animals.

Chinchilla tricks can only be learned with a substantial amount of chinchilla care and affection. Without these, your chinchilla will distrust your orders and end up doing the exact opposite of what you ask it to.

Taming the Chinchilla

Before teaching chinchilla tricks, you first have to ease your chinchilla in to you. Doing this may take a lot of effort and time. Allot at least 5 days before you even begin to handle your chinchilla. Allow it to explore its cage for now and get used to the sight of you looking at it all the time. You can also talk to your chinchilla quietly. It actually has sensitive hearing so it can easily hear you whenever you speak. Of course, it can never really understand what you’re saying, but it can nevertheless tell if you’re around.

Giving Chinchilla Treats

The next step of preparing your chinchilla for the tricks you’re about to teach is giving chinchilla treats. Sweet but nutritional treats best motivate your chinchilla. Raisins and walnuts should do the trick. Don’t give these treats whenever you want to. It’s important that you give these treats rarely, so it can quickly realize its value.

Luring Your Chinchilla into You

After giving it two or three treats in a span of a week, gauge the reaction of your chinchilla. Does it look particularly jumpy whenever it catches a sight of the treat? If it is, then you’ve found its treat of choice.

When you’re about to give the fourth treat, you can start with teaching basic chinchilla tricks. Basically, they involve training your chinchilla to climb around your body and stay put for as long as you want to.

To start with, open your chinchilla’s cage and allow it to come after the treat. Don’t give it just yet. Instead, place it close enough so it can smell the tasty food and get lured by the smell. Place the treat on your hand and make the chinchilla run after it until it lands on your arm. By then, you can feed it to the chinchilla.

Shoulder-training your Chinchilla

After your chinchilla learns that staying atop your shoulders is perfectly safe, you can start teaching it to stay put on your shoulder. Continue doing the same technique: place a treat on your hand, allow the chinchilla to run after it until it reaches your arm. Once it does, give it two to three treats so it can stay put. This way, you are sending your chinchilla the message that it can stay on your shoulder for a tasteful price, your treat.

In no time, you can carry your chinchilla and place it on your shoulder without difficulty as a terrific chinchilla trick. Giving it a treat in exchange for staying on your shoulder won’t even be necessary anymore.

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