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savannah stern
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The Porno Goddess Savannah Stern | Lyke Lyfe

The Fetish Theme: Well known in the fetish genre of the adult entertainment world, Savannah Stern stars in several films from foot fetish features to gangbangs and even violently themed porno flicks that depict women fighting with one another. Within the adult entertainment industry and world of pornography, producers and actors strive to offer every sort of genre or theme of porn, which is smart in a niche market. Men…

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Mangago and Anime Online – Manga Readers | Anime Lovers

Anime and Manga online 15 Years ago and NOW: Online anime has seen some remarkable changes in recent years. Due to the lower cost of anime production software, individuals are now able to develop incredibly creative stories and art. In the same vein, if you like to read Japanese manga series but can’t buy every single edition when it comes out, then you’ve likely heard of A website that…

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Otterbox Hack: Earn Extra Pocket Money | Handsets For Cash

Ditch That Otterbox: If you are like so many people out there, you probably have all of your old cellular phones hanging around your house in a variety of drawers, or perhaps you have an old box of them. Why do we seem to hold onto these things long after we have decided that there is a better product for us on the market? For many of us it simply…

living spaces
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Living Spaces: Cat Furniture | Creating Living Spaces

Living Spaces: I remember dreading the day I found the perfect couch to go in our appartment. Binx was never particular with what he liked scratching on and I realised that if I bought this couch, that it would end up looking like a shreaded pin cushion in a matter of hours not days! Just moving into a new appartment (or having been there a long time) introducing your kitty…

waffle house
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Waffle House and the Work At Home “Anti-Guru”

Why Waffle House? Let’s start with the second part of the article title – who, or what, is the “anti-guru?” Well, the WHO would be me, of course. The WHAT could be defined as any individual who does not claim to have all the answers on a particular subject. Hence, I’m the work at home anti-guru, since that is the focus of my website. And I do not have all…

YouTube’s Test Tube: What Is It?
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YouTube’s new video testing system! Test Tube

Are you a lively member of the YouTube neighborhood? In the event you take pleasure in importing and sharing your movies with others you should be. Even when you desire to solely watch movies online, not share your own, you should still be an active member of the YouTube neighborhood. In the event you usually end up visiting the YouTube web site, whether or not it’s to add your individual…

Journal Your 100 Life Goals
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How To Journal Your 100 Life Goals For More Success

Recording and tracking your 100 Life Goals in a journal or diary is a powerful tool that can add to your personal and professional well being. Journalism goals is a great way to focus, clarify, and understand what your true intentions are, and how you are going to reach your goals. In your journal you will record and track your Life Goals, 1 thru 100. (Or your 10 Life Goals,…

Can Your Small Business Afford Not to Have a Web Site
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Can Your Small Business Afford Not to Have a Web Site?

I’ve been accused of being opinionated by more than one person in my life, but try as I might to work on that part of my personality, it remains pretty much the same. So, in this article, I’m going to discuss my “opinion” on one reason why, even if your target market is strictly local, your small business can’t afford not to have a web site. A few statistics from…

Backyard Activities
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Must Have Accessories For All Backyard Activities

Backyard activities, there are literally an unlimited number of them. Whether you enjoy the water, playing sports, or just relaxing, there is likely at least one backyard activity that will appeal to you or to your family. While backyard activities are nice, there are many that require the purchase of equipment or additional accessories. If you are interested in participating in a popular backyard activity, you may want to first…

Movie Star Physique
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You Can Be As Fit And Healthy As Your Favorite Celebrities

It is everybody’s right to have the body of their dreams and learning the steps to achieve the dream is the most important action for success. Finding the right information to help build the perfect body is often a tedious and time consuming task and all to often people find themselves jumping from program to program, from diet to diet or from one training regime to another. The key is…