Audio Transcription Service – What Is It?

The phrase audio transcription service is extremely generic in nature. It includes a host of items such as transcription from video, mp3 audios; you tube videos, dictations, interviews, seminars.In simple terms transcription means converting audios into text. This can be done manually or using a voice recognition software. At this point of time, the technology is not very advanced to convert voice to text and thus transcription needs to be done manually in most of the instances.

If the audios are clear they are edited by the same transcriber however in some instances, a team of experts reviews them for any quality issues that the audio may have. Based on the requirement of the client's the transcription could be verbatim or clean transcription. Verbatim refers to typing of audio as we hear it. Which means it will cover all the ahs, uhmms, etc while clean transcription refers to making the transcripts grammatically correct and without the ahs and uhmms. Depending on the client's requirement, the transcripts are delivered. For example a newspaper report would want a clean transcript while a psychologist may want a verbatim to capture the moods and voice modulation of the speaker.

Audios can be general, medical or legal in nature. General audios refer to interviews, seminars, conferences, teleclass which are very generic in nature and does not entail much of technical terms. Medical transcription refers to reports dictated by doctors of their patients. This could be related to any field of medicine. Legal transcriptions refers to transcription of those audios pertaining to court cases, legal investigation etc. Audio transcription services are being offered by various companies with fast turnaround, high quality work and rates as per the client's budget. The folks who transcribe these audios are called transcribers.


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