Are we MOVING? Selling our House? Finally made a Decision!

Are we MOVING? Selling our House? Finally made a Decision!

We are getting our house appraised! I end up giving you a House Tour of the whole first floor of our home since everything was …


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  1. I don’t usually comment I am in my late 20s but absolutely love the overview of life and house situation. I think you are wise around your decisions.
    The house might need some little refurbishment in like 10 years but you might be gone by then! Lovely to see you being comfortable. I think it’s important to take it easy on your mind. Maybe enjoy little travelling around and live your best life 💕🙏

  2. Your home is beyond stunning and soon you will have grandkids and you have a home with plenty of room, you have a beautiful pool, the pond. It’s literally a I DREAM HOME, weather it’s just you and Ken and the dogs: you have put your heart and soul and and I promise you you will not regret staying. Xoxoxo love y’all and so glad you are staying!

  3. wow i remember when i first started watching your videos. from the taste test challenges to the hauls to the vlogs. i remember when you guys lives in your old house and then started to build this one. so crazy how time flies. i’ve been watching and supporting you guys since i was at least 11 and now i am 17. good luck on your next journey.

  4. I like your decision to have a desktop computer in your office. However, I personally would still also have a laptop. A 'business' (self-employment/work) laptop would allow you to bring it with you to do some work while you're out somewhere.

    I'm with ya on your decision to stay where you are. I'm also with ya on the thought of if you were going to move somewhere with better weather that it'd have been better to do it around the time your house was being built. However, I will say that NC does get snow too. I have relatives that live there and I also used to be subscribed to another YouTube channel of a Tesla vlogger in NC.

  5. Loved this video. Great video for your older watchers raising kiddos. Hubs and I moved from Wa state to Florida when our oldest was 9 months. We just did it and have made a great life for our family. Now we’re waiting for son to graduate highschool and see where he wants to go to college then the family is moving to Texas. Which he’s excited for but we don’t that stress on top of his move to school unless he delays a year.

  6. I see you making a decision for you and Ken, Your kids are on their own and have their lives. Your daughter is almost graduated and will be moving on with her life. Living in a big house seems a waste live your lives not for your children but for you and ken. Just an opinion.

  7. Thank you for the tour your house is beautiful . May I ask do you have help with keeping your house clean and tidy or do you do it all yourself . I live in a tiny two up two down terrace house in England and find that's enought to clean so can't imagion the work that goes into keeping your house so tidy. 🤗



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