And Now You Won't Believe What They Won't Let Us Talk About

And Now You Won’t Believe What They Won’t Let Us Talk About

Whether you agree with Luke and Tim’s various positions or not, you probably stand for free speech and freedom of the press. But if certain entities succeed in their censorship and domination, you can kiss those freedoms goodbye too.

In this episode, Luke and Tim get into the issue of centralized social media and explain why it’s a problem.


Written by Change The News

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  1. All you have done is talk about how much we need to stay away from each other. How we need to take care of ourselves. To claim vitamin c is a bad thing to recommend goes beyond insanity!! Everyone KNOWS vitamin C's importance against the cold and flu!! Same with turmeric!!! And masks, FFS!!! YOU have made me realize just how awful this disease is and why I stay at home, leaving only to go to the store/pharmacy.
    Helpful things to WHO is making sure more of us die.

  2. Checkmate. The virus is a sophisticated weapon and also the perfect excuse to strengthen social control till feudalism levels, and now they can shut down all channels they want, and erase them without any proof.
    You anti PC YouTubers need to create a union and to load content on other platforms very quickly.
    You can contact some folks and make some kind of deal. Jordan Peterson was trying to do something like that, Brian Rose, too.
    It's not about your videos, it's about your voice. You can't let them cut your throats.

  3. Seriously WTF is that commie woman talkinnnnng about, vitamin C is bad, Zinc is bad…… someone needs to tell this socialiist word NAZI to shut the F up…. this is a free country and people should be allowed to listen to all information then using common sense decide for themselves what's is real and what isn't…. WE DO NOT NEED A SOCIALIST NAZI MUTHER TO TELL US WHAT TO LISTEN TO….. she obvisouly…..


  4. All part of the plan from the start of the internet is control! Suck ya in get ya hooked while they(us) built and designed all their tyrannical infrastructure and then censor and ban and takeaway and cull the freedoms from a society until it's normalized and continue to next stage until freedom not existing is norm and your enslaved forever by dumbing down! Evil is arising if we don't lock this down now!

  5. They are criminals and in pay of a hostile foreign power. Susan should be tried for high treason.
    WHO guidelines? Like those that Corona is not transmissible between humans? That travel restrictions won't help? That wearing masks won't help?
    High treason. Colluding with the enemy. Trump should step in, as should the agancies tasked with dealing with that sort of thing.
    Fire up that old electric chair I say!

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