America Unearthed: Ancient Ruins Buried Beneath a Texas Town (S2, E3) | Full Episode | History

Since the 1800s, the City of Rockwall, Texas has had a mystery it's been trying to solve. Allegedly, the town was built on a rock wall that was constructed by ...

48 thoughts on “America Unearthed: Ancient Ruins Buried Beneath a Texas Town (S2, E3) | Full Episode | History

  1. Definitely man made.. the science of magnetically determine polarized direction is insignificant when dealing with more then 22500 years. Because everyone knows the earth poles shift every 22500 years. So the poles have shifted many many times … Why is no one even talking about the hammer that was found .. burred there with the wooden end petrified and the iron type was of an unknown to this earth. There’s more to this story and the fake history they teach in school doesn’t hold water anymore.

  2. So what you are saying is that you didn't test the mortar in between the walls for age, and that it's natural because people building that big of a wall couldn't have possibly remembered the orientation of the rocks they quaried and then just stacked them up again in the same "magnetic arrow" direction? Hmmmm……

  3. Once you take the Bible seriously and read where it talks about Lucifer's thrown (and him wanting to raise it above God's) and his ultimate failure & being cast back into the earth….one would also understand THERE WAS A CIVILIZATION that existed here beforehand. That same civilization ultimately was "laid to waste " and all of its cities and inhabitants along with it. This of course predates Adam and by some estimates happened between 10-12 thousand years ago. For quick reference *search for "even the trees adored his beauty "….

  4. Eh. There’s a rock wall just like this on my family’s ranch in central Texas. I was always just told the pioneer’s made it to keep the Indians at bay. We found arrowheads imbedded in it, so I imagine that was the case.

  5. The Zuni are very old as a people group. They live in the southwest. My grandfather told me when I was a child they are related to the Aztec. He was native himself, and really into who is related to who. He told me to look at the ceremonial clothing for the clues. They were rock builders too. It’s possible they lived up into the Texas area at the time the wall was built. But, the only way to know, is to dig it all out, which the people who live there now, would never want done. That’s sad. This is national treasure type stuff, that they sit on, out of greed.

  6. I don't care what the expert says just look it the wall outline, like a fortress, sharp corners, even top etc. Nature doesn't make stuff like that. Also the samples were taken so close together. If the wall couple million years old lot of things could influence the magnetic line up. I just saying it's more to this wall than what we know. Why they don't make a conference in the town, see who what evidence has. I heard that rooms were found years back but the feds shut them down to keep quiet also some artifacts were found inside the rooms plus a couple of giants skeletons. I wasn't there but honestly believe this variant more than it is natural formation.

  7. I’m going to cry fowl on what they showed here. Either they totally misrepresented what they first showed or they did when they dug up a section that didn’t look anything like the other photos of the wall previously excavated. This core sampling they showed only included four different stones. Which didn’t seem like a very serious effort. At the very least I would think you would take cores from a wider area. Especially when they took 5 cores from one stone. If you want us to believe that your science is serious then put in a proper effort. I’d love to see this section GPS located on a map and evidence of that location at the dig site. We GPS location track all modern bulldozers these days. I’m sure they could show the same evidence from the day of this dig if they were serious about the science. This is utterly ridiculous. Oh and the issue about property owners wanting it to not be a man made construction. And who volunteers to dig up his own chosen sample site. The very man who stands the most to gain from development work. He owns the excavation company. Who do you think put in all the sewer, water, gas lines, electric infrastructure. Not to mention storm run off and then the roads. Come on people think about it. Follow the money and you will always find your answer.

  8. My opinion is that the host of this show would not pass a lie detector test by far. You can clearly see his mannerism’s when delaying the ultimate “lie” of it not being man made and “completely natural”. All that build up to lie to us for what? Wouldn’t the history channel boost the ratings by a long leap upon releasing the exact truth that is clear as day to us all even non scientific ppl like myself?! It seems to me everything has to be “run by the government” before releasing any narrative of any topic especially ones we never heard of when we were in our younger schooling days! Anyways that’s what I gathered by this whole deb-ochery of actual historic truth to this topic. His delivery of the “lie” was completely obvious to me he is holding back valuable and maybe shocking to us all information of the truth?! Maybe he doesn’t actually know anything and is just instructed to say it’s not man made or other life form made etc?! I dunno I’m just so sick of being lied to by the government and political officials and state leaders etc. When will it stop affecting us regular ppl on this incredible planet?! I guess I know that answer… when $$$ isn’t a thing anymore to the evil greedy human brain for most. I don’t see that day ever coming. I wanna know so much more and learn about our past on ppl and creatures who loved and lived on this spinning rock and other spinning rocks. Don’t we all deserve the truth? Sorry I vented a bit much…

  9. It appears to be a psyop designed to control the narrative. The conveniently set up and directed “evidence” presented under the guise of “experts” is clearly and convincingly suggesting the opposite and one would have to be brain dead to conclude otherwise.

  10. If it was suspected of being a constructed rock wall why not employ shallow depth grown penetrating radar and then dig on both sides of the anomaly to expose an entire section of the wall? And beside that, if it had been an exposed rock wall built by an ancient civilization, how in the name of Stephen F. Austin did it and the surrounding country get completely covered in dirt?

  11. I don't believe them, I think they don't want us to know who built it ,since that's the case it's almost certain that they themselves didn't build it so it's not important to them.they mentioned Mayans, what about the Olmecs who predate them ?

  12. And he was subconsciously in disagreement somehow, watch his pursing his lips when he says Also if the corners pictured, the layout of an enclosure, were confirmed, again that has as much weight as the magnetics. As a layman I must disagree that he has any right to draw a scientific conclusion. Sloppy inexact incomplete science at best.

  13. It’s amazing how well the people who lived back then were so skilled in their trades, such as; in metallurgy, masonry, and advanced technologies. It’s also a shame that the residents of the town took some of the wall apart to utilize for some of their projects.

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