Abandoned 1800s Church With Secret Underground Tunnels!

Kyle and I explore an abandoned 1800s church that we had found the location of. Little did we know that this church had a secret underground tunnel that led ...

20 thoughts on “Abandoned 1800s Church With Secret Underground Tunnels!

  1. Have you guys ever heard of SRA/satanic and/or sexual ritual abuse??? (I’m not sure which I’ve heard both) but It’s often hidden behind the guise of “Christianity” no matter Catholics or Protestants… clearly the actual ppl who practice these things are not “Christian” bc the very nature of the ritual is opposite of any biblical teaching…however my point is…I wonder if you didn’t just walk into a place where these types of rituals are practiced…it just gave me that feeling with the tunnel and the state of the building which is clearly still being used by someone…idk I’m not saying I’m right…I’m just saying it’s very interesting and very strange🤷‍♀️

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