8 top shows to watch on TV this week | Muddy Stilettos Kent

8 top shows to watch on TV this week | Muddy Stilettos Kent

Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got it – Netflix’s outrageous new relationship switching series, season three of BBC hit drama The Split, and a comedian takes over a feted travel show.

The Split, BBC1, 4 April

The final run of this razor sharp drama about high end divorce lawyers sees the divorce lawyer herself getting divorced. Hannah (the brilliant Nicola Walker of Spooks and Last Tango in Halifax) and Nathan (the also awesome Stephen Mangan) are embroiled in an awkward supper scene with the new partner (Lara Pulver) meanwhile the lives of previous clients are revisited and there’s engaging new relationships to untangle. It’s all about messy lives but with wit and slick production.

Single Drunk Female, Disney +, 6 April

This path-to-redemption story follows 20-something Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D’Elia) through a spectacularly public break down as she loses her media job in New York and is forced to move back home to her pushy ‘Mom’. It’s funny, easy and a little heart-warming at times. All ten episodes drop on Weds.

Thatcher & Reagan — A Very Special Relationship, BBC2, 6 April

This weekend’s two-parter explores the whole ‘Margaret and Ron’ affair (figuratively speaking!) through the eyes and voice of journalist Charles Moore, who wrote Maggie’s biography. He’s pulled in a decent bevvy of experts from Thatcher’s personal assistant, Cynthia Crawford, to her press secretary, Bernard Ingham, as well as some weighty characters on the US side. It’s a fascinating reminder of the politics of the Cold War era and all too prescient at times. Catch the first one on iPlayer then watch the conclusion on Weds. 

Travel Man, C4, 4 April

It’s back for ANOTHER series and this time it’s left to comedian Joe Lycett to hold the fort in this telly travelogue following the retirement of Richard Ayoade. The series starts in the filmic Bilbao and San Sebastian with its wow-y architecture and drool-inducing small plates. The format sees a different guest each week (this one’s the turn of James Acaster), and whether you’re watching for the wit or wanderlust, it hits both notes. 

Raised By Wolves, Sky Atlantic, 6 April

The sci-fi series created by Ridley Scott is back for another series from this Weds. For some, just his name is enough, for others here’s the down-low – android parents are trying to raise human children on a war-stricken planet. The second season sees them set up home in the tropical zone – which makes for a lush backdrop and oodles of drama.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Netflix, 6 Apr

“Should I stay with you because you’re crying and I feel bad?” That’s all you need to know about the new Netflix show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, which is going to be your new sofa slouch watch. The format sees a group of couples brought together in which one of them wants to tie the knot. They all switch partners and move in together before coming back together in a high octane finale to decide whether to marry their original partner, split, or… you guessed it… go home with someone else. 

Art That Made Us, BBC2, 7 April

This 12-part series is an alternative telling of the history of the British Isles through works of art and the creators behind them. It delves right back to Anglo-Saxon times up to the modern era, exploring turning points in our culture and history. Vividly told through engaging interviewees including Richard Coles and Antony Gormley, as well as having a good look at some better and less-known works of art. 

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, Netflix, 6 April  

Not an easy watch but as a man who was a feted celebrity of British culture for decades (with a knighthood and regular prime time TV slots) , it is a scandal that needs to be explored. How did it happen and why wasn’t he stopped? The show addresses how the system failed his victims and how he exploited and gamed the media and the public, and finally, how he was eventually exposed.

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