60 Minutes Archive: Bob Dole (Morley Safer, 1984)

In 1984, Morley Safer profiled the senator from Kansas and his wife, Elizabeth, the secretary of transportation. Dole died Sunday at the age of 98. "60 Minutes" is ...

22 thoughts on “60 Minutes Archive: Bob Dole (Morley Safer, 1984)

  1. 60Minutes continues its unbroken record of violating equal access civil rights obligations under US federal law by not providing accurate, synchronized captions – and Google-YouTube continues to be complicit and criminally negligent. Why? 12-6-2021

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  3. He is one Strong man to be able to fully bounce back from his injuries. He also could have easily ended up drinking or becoming addicted to drugs. He was very good looking when he was young.

  4. I had had a negative impression of then Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole until I said hello to him in a corridor of the Capitol in 1986. He was glorious! What an enormous air of coherence and power he radiated! I thought: if this man becomes the president (who reflects the collective consciousness of the nation) then the nation must have a very high level of consciousness. When he lost the election to Bill Clinton he had breakfast with President Clinton at the White House. I saw the clip of it on TV. Both men seemed to have the same presence of power, so I thought, OK, Clinton must be a very highly developed person, too. I don't really follow politics very closely, and maybe I would not like their policies, but in terms of personal magnetism, these men are/were extremely impressive! RIP Senator.

  5. As a young man he was decent and a war hero. In his older years and ( most importantly ) while at the reigns of power – he was a corrupt – absurd – anachronistic – obstructionist – psychotic / sociopath. I am glad he is gone. Any corrupt psychotic / sociopathic – absurd – racist – xenophobic – religiously demented RepubliCON off this planet is a very good thing for the rest of us. ( I will also completely obliterate all credibility that he once had by this fact : He was a Don the CON supporter )

  6. Although I am not a political person, I really and truly believe that Bob Dole was a good man. I just get that feeling from watching him in this video. My prayers goes out to his family.

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