6 strange pictures on google maps

here are 6 strange / weird google maps / earth pictures or photos which are, well...quite weird. i hope you like them and this is a list of them in order 1. a 25 mile ...

33 thoughts on “6 strange pictures on google maps

  1. Lesson for this:
    You (uploader) should have REGISTERED your Hypercame so that I would not get disturbed by your "Unregistered HyperCam2" To be honest, my eyes cannot keep away from it LOL

  2. or maybe it's just an odd building/apartment. And I doubt the "illuminati" or whatever you believe made it, would go out of their way just to make an apartment into a swastica. What do they get out of it? And if you were so educated and sophisticated, why would you have such bad temperment issues?Please, don't talk to me about intellect because 1. it's YouTube 2. If you were so excelled in your whole alumni, you wouldn't have such behavioral issues.

  3. The Swastika is actually an ancient symbol representing peace, love, life. In the East, the Swastika continues to be very popular and is a religious symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Unfortunately, the West only views this symbol as a sign of hate due to the use by the Nazis.

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