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The world is your oyster when it comes to cool, creative crafts. You can use almost anything to make new and exciting objects that bring joy and fun into your life, …



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  1. And I'm not angery at for taking care of my pink keystone necklace because do you know why? Because I like you still and you need to calm down and take deep breaths and don't forget Biggie I'm your friend. Poppy said.

  2. Biggie and Branch were were having a big fight about what Biggie done Poppy's keystone necklace. So poppy annoyed and shouted enough enough the two of you because all of this fighting needs to stop!!!!!!!!

  3. No you can't keep it pink KEYSTONE necklace because if take then she'll get very mad at biggie just LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He yelled. Well you're being very jealous Branch because it's like when my mum says Biggie biggie biggie!!! He yelled.

  4. Biggie this the very first straw now I will not anymore of wild carry-on no more of it do you hear me no more of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Branch yelled.

  5. He took her to Biggie's pod,ran up the stairs and yelled *See my queen I wasn't telling stories and then look he has your pink keystone necklace!!!!!! Holy mother of toast is that the necklace my mom gave me for my birthday last year?! Poppy asked a yell.

  6. (Laughs) you must be kidding good story Branch and I sopose my will be going for a walk too because it might have to take some energy so it won't be tired! Poppy said with a laugh.

  7. Branch ran to poppy's pod and knocks on her door hard and says loudly Poppy Biggie has your pink keystone necklace I saw him walking to his pod then go wait is that poppy necklace!!

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