5 Disturbingly Shocking Discoveries on Google Maps, Earth & Street View

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47 thoughts on “5 Disturbingly Shocking Discoveries on Google Maps, Earth & Street View

  1. Crazy stuff goes on in this world of our & we only later down the road in time find out only a few little insane things that happened or still happening…imagine the amount we will never hear about‽…also, the Russian radio thing really peaked my interests.. like I can think of a few other theories what it Might be for, but it drives me crazy that I'll probably never know the actual truth about what it's really for…crā crā stuff !

  2. number 2 having the house still there (on google maps despite being blurred) is freaky to me. like the girls were IN there at the time the car drove by. that’s so haunting to think about

  3. Let’s not forget Israel sewed Samantha’s eyes open so she can look “alive” in the photo 🥴 such a sick man and the photo is even more haunting

  4. What a shame that the sick bastard from story no 2 killed himself. He should have remained in prison, alive for the rest of his natural life, far greater a punishment in my opinion. Suicide was too easy for the monster.

    Much the same is true of the other cowards in the video who took the easy way out. Disgusting creatures, you can't even call them human.

  5. I drove down Seymour for 6 months dropping someone off a few houses down…then they found the girls. I was n shock.

    The two houses Castro reportedly owned are now gone. They are now just green space.

    The images shown in this video dont quite show what the area looks like now.

  6. Can you imagine the horror of finding out that monster was driving your child to school everyday🤦🏼‍♀️
    Michelle Knight is one of my hero’s🖤💜🖤

  7. Nothing shocking about any of it I have been seeing people and images for years it’s called an overlay google it lol! I thought I was losing my mind seeing my husbands blurry images everywhere!! He denies knowing anything about it but they are not pictures I have seen so he obviously has an entire life I don’t know about. I hope he’s having fun cause I’m over it. If you use a second device and look at the blurry images you can actually see what the picture is. Have fun hope you like penis cause I see them every where

  8. Dude I remember seeing missing posters for the girl in Alaska when was like, 9 or 10 holy shit. I can't believe there was a psycho killer so close to me wtf.

    I have an old memory of me and my friends outside a frozen yogurt place, looking at the poster and wanting to help finder her. Crazy dude.

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