5 Creepiest Images Captured by Google Earth & Google Maps

Description: Trust me when I say Google Earth is the most unbiased and least selective photographer in the world. they use satellites that capture images from ...

38 thoughts on “5 Creepiest Images Captured by Google Earth & Google Maps

  1. Isnt the swastika building one that researches vaccines? And isnt the grand daughter of the nazi who headed that government endeavor the one who now heads it? Hmm passing down family ideology that dictates the manner in which they provide service that's in the best interests of the american people is of nazi style thinking to its approach of how they conduct science along with the nazi ideology of how their tool they give us gets closer to what drives their plans for the future health and well being of the american people?? I dont see how any american politician honors themselves with this stuff going on. Especially when they vote to pay millions to the few who always fail attempting to solve the nations federal debt and staying deliberately ignorant to the simple solution of printing our own currency. Espec6when our graduating academic elite have no clue of understanding they should have acquired to realize that all the tech exists already to deliver clean free sustainable energy buy using the federal dollars given to a tech company that invented the inducer thingy that converts the amps of energy generated by the planet at surface level and higher to the energy that powers equipment and still leaves students from the begining that as a civilization we are not evolved enough yet to be capable of delivering to everyone what big business is currently doing when selling us our household electricity from the infrastructure that the federal money we pay back funded that corporations have permission from our politicians to then copyright it all, hide the patents and then take what we funded as their own and have the nerve to then force us to buy it while keeping us all cradle to grave away from anything that will lead us to the truth.

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  3. I don't understand why you people make fool of innocent YouTube users. Google doesn't catch images of each in every corner almost every pic shown was taken from low resolution phone camera or what ever. Speaking from my experience in photography guys concentrate on camera angle of those pics taken. Fake!!!!!

  4. The images can have the same flaws as photographs done by the old fashioned cameras. Double images, shadows, etc. As far as people shown on Google Maps or Google Earth or Google Street Views who have misshapen bodies or heads (etc) it actually is not such a big mystery. It has to be proven that they are actually photos of "humanoids" or people with knees bent backward etc.

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