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5 Basic, Sane Necessities, Needed Before Opening Up America

When the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, several Congressmen and Senators, state, basically, it’s okay if some lives are lost, in order to save the overall economy, something is significantly wrong with our nation, today! When a few vocal protestors, disrupt traffic (even, around hospitals and health facilities), while carrying signs, with Swastikas, and holding Confederate flags, complain about their so – called rights, and our President articulates a message, praising them, their efforts and methods, this isn’t normal! If supposedly, Pro – Life individuals, publicly declare, their belief, government doesn’t have the right, to restrict what they do with their bodies, we are witnessing a combination of hypocrisy, stupidity, arrogance, and a strange – type of brainwashing! While, nearly everyone, would prefer, to see, a return to some sort of normal, and people could go back to work, earn a living, and companies could conduct business, polls indicate, about two – thirds of Americans, want this done, with a focus on protecting public health, etc. While some politicians, continue their populist rhetoric, and offer arbitrary dates, when they would like to see the country, reopen, public health experts/ professionals, warn us, unless this is done smartly and carefully, this pandemic will get worse, and, even, more deadly. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 logical necessities, before we should reopen.

1. Significant testing/ safety measures: Doesn’t it make sense, effective, significant testing, must be, in – place, and used extensively, before any large – scale reopening? Don’t certain things need to change, definitely in the short – term (but perhaps, in the longer – run, too). in the public operations of businesses, etc? For example, wouldn’t it be beneficial, to, change restrictions, in terms of maximum numbers of people, in any commercial space, dependent on the square footage, etc? Would it make sense, to continue, some form of Social Distancing, for safety reasons? How about changing air filters, filtration systems, and significantly increasing the use of thermal scanning, etc?

2. Public perceptions: Simply, opening up, for business, won’t help, unless/ until, the public perceives, it is safe, to go out, and move about! If politicians, make the rules, based on a personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than these guidelines, created by the experts and true professionals, why would most of the public, freely move around, without significant changes?

3. Consumer confidence: A large percentage of Americans, discovered, they are not, nearly, as financially secure, as they used to believe, they were. The stock market – swings, oil market challenges, the large number of people, who lost jobs, and the question, of how many businesses, won’t survive, must be addressed, intelligently, in order to achieve this quest, and need! Without a significant degree of consumer confidence, spending habits will significantly change!

4. Some degree of normal: Bringing America back, means, having a well – considered plan, instead of how, President Trump, seems to be proceeding. There must be, both actually, as well, as in citizens perceptions, some degree of normal!

5. More faith in what we’re told: Most polls indicate, few United States citizens, believe this President. Perhaps, because, he has continuously, articulated false, and/ or, misleading statements, Trump suffers from a credibility lapse/ issue, from everyone, other than his political core supporters!

Wake up, America, either, we do this right, or, the future of our nation, and its citizens, are, at – risk! We must demand more, and better, instead of a continuation of the same – old, same – old, empty promises, and rhetoric!

Source by Richard Brody


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