[427] Detroit Fights for Water While Nestle Extracts it During Drought

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Pro-Israel Media, Detroit's fight for the right to water, Nestle's theft of water in drought, and international spying networks.

48 thoughts on “[427] Detroit Fights for Water While Nestle Extracts it During Drought

  1. Nestle story starts at 11:00 . Maybe a Trumpesque  Wall around Nestle' Water bottling plants and wells would help.Who the hell negotiates giving away a U.S. Natural resource to a multi national corp. anyways? Impeach and or prosecute whoever allowed it.

  2. "Look at the the brand…" I wonder how many companies do this? Maybe all. Nestle is NOT the only one, because Coca-Cola does it, too. Maybe not buy bottled water at all? And at the same time write/call the corporate offices of the companies that we KNOW are doing it…

  3. how ironic is it,that nestle has a water bottleing plant in northern michigan,causing problems with the surrounding,eco system,perhaps RT should investigate this!

  4. 139 children and 69 women dead.  ok, so how many adult male civilians died? I'd like to know that too, but I guess since they're disposability means that their deaths don't matter as much they remain hidden from us. And of course nestle along with every other bottled water company should be starved of their profits. If you buy bottled water thinking that's better than your tap water you are sadly mistaken. Bottled water is simply the same as tap water anyway, with one or two tweaks they might do to it like add a little less floride or chlorine or add more oxygen. It barely makes a difference, just one more instance where consumers have been had, have been swindled, have been bamboozled.

  5. Is there such a thing as a non-civilian neighborhood in Gaza? I hear news about civilian neighborhoods all the time, but not about what alternative there may be. I honestly don't know, but, if so, let's hear about it. 

  6. Having your water being shut off due to not paying your water bill is NOT at all equal to the Civil Rights Movement. We need to stop allowing Leftists, NAALP,etc to mock actual racism with their endless bogus boy who cried wolf race card bs. Many Countries in Africa, Asia, South/Central America and Eastern Europe don't have running water and or clean water and these spoiled rotten crybabies are whining because they have to pay their water bills if they don't want it shut off,etc. Water, Electricity,etc is NOT a civil right nor are they equal to the Civil rights movement. Pay your water, ulity bill,etc if you don't want it shut off. But don't whine when it's shut off when you don't pay them. It's about green. Pay your bills and stop whining if you don't like the results that happen when  you don't pay your bills.

  7. immortal technique talks about this.. if you live in a true non crony-capitalistic country then the ONLY two things that we should get for free is power and water. ahhhhh merica the beautiful

  8. jews and palasteins BOTH have a right to live obviously but some hard core radical christian right wingers need to look up the balfour declaration and psyches-picco. thats why and how we control the middle east. thats why the only thing you see is the wars

  9. nestle is evil… i'd say its among the "top" of the worst corporations ever… here's my "top ten": 10) lockheed martin and friends 9) coca cola 8) every swiss bank 7) halliburton and friends 6) walmart 5) nestle 4) nike 3) goldmansachs 2) nyt's publisher 1) apple inc

  10. I'm confused about the whole water issue in Detroit… Isn't it pretty expected that if you don't pay your water bill then it gets shut off? I've been behind on my water bill before and it was shut off for a couple days until I got paid… that is normal and expected right??? What is the big deal here? No one is having their access blocked to water… water is very accessible, you can buy a 5 gallon jug from the grocery store for a dollar or get it from a drinking fountain for free… By paying your water bill you are paying for the service and maintenance of delivering that water to your house.. no one is taking away your "right" to water, just its delivery to your house, which cost money to do! So then who should pay for it if they can't? Someone has to pay for it right??? Am I missing something here???

  11. OBAMA here ya go bitch step up and help Detroit! all the people that voted for your stupid dumb ass, show you got some little oreo balls… F#ckn do something!!!
    Water the most basic need next to air.
    CAFR blind people!!! they got plenty of fuckn money invested in the pention fund scam, learn how to read the balance sheets and how they cook the books, bottom line is Wallstreet is far more important then humanity and human life.

  12. Published on Jul 22, 2014
    Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Pro-Israel Media, Detroit's fight for the right to water, Nestle's theft of water in drought, and international spying networks.

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    EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin breaks down recent developments in Gaza, including the targeted shooting of Al Jazeera's office in the violence stricken Gaza Strip. She also comments on the mysterious case of two Americans who have died during Operation Protective Edge while serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, highlighting how their case as foreign nationals fighting for Israel is not unique considering at least 5,500 "lone" soldiers serve in the IDF. Abby then speaks to Makita Taylor, Creative Director for the Detroit Water Brigade, who shares recent updates on the ground as Detroiters rally to keep their water turned on in wake of the Detroit Water and Sewage companies decision to freeze all water shutoffs for 15 days. Next, Abby talks about Nestle's current practice of pumping water out of areas suffering from severe drought, highlighting the their pumping of an Native American reserve near Palm Springs, California. Abby wraps up the show speaking with Annie Machon, a former M15 officer and whistleblower, to break down Germany's reaction to recent reports that the US hired spies in the country as well as leaks that reveal GCHQ's ability to manipulate the web.

  13. Actually I still use a typewriter (seriously).  Listen people, communicate in person face-to-face like back in the days is the way to go…

    By the way Abby!  Regarding the Nutritional Alphabet Soup where Eddy use to work.  What they do with all those cans collected are primarily to know the words or sentences/phrases that are in each can (mainly what you eat – as the Say goes "You are what you eat"; Therefore they know who you are and what you think.  Not only as a preventive measure, but also to steer the Economical Engine.  Through sorting, they know a lot about Fashion Taste, Favorite Vacation Spot, Culinary delicatessen, Fantasies, Phobias and the list goes on.  Humanly impossible to investigate a myriad of cans, the task is given to dedicated machines better known as supercomputers that work endlessly as long as the power in on, and the best part is no cost for their labor.  A human being gets involve when anomalies are found, meaning threats or scary contents – Bet you knew all that, if not well now you know.  Because with out Consumers they are nothing, everything built and all their dreams and aspiration will collapse!  See in Biology when you look at the Food Chain and the Food Web, at the starting point you see Producers and right after that Consumers.  So look at it from that angle…  Also they are looking for the Boogie Man lets not forget about that, reason why they hate Eddy. They wanted to catch Boogie with both hands in the cookie jar, perhaps the Boogie already knows he is being watched…!  All well we will see how the story will end.

    As for the Sciences that support all of the above.  One has to look into Sociology, Psychology at best and Psychiatry along with Therapy at worst, in the event subjects are less receptive as proven in theory by Pavlov…  In a nutshell, its nothing but a conditioning.  Sweet Dreams!

  14. "Detroit fights for water while Nestle extracts it" Coolest headline ever!
    appalling how some of them live.
    I like Annie's neck piece!!! Thank her for the pointers!
    Great show tonight, Abs. (entirely)

  15. To all Americans when are we going to get enough of this crap. We should be impeaching Obama and the hole congress, when are we going to realize we have no representation anymore. These sorry politicians are brought and sold by the banks and big corporations. To my fellow African Americans what is it going to take for you to see Obama for what he is, he is a modern day Hitler, stop looking at his skin color and look at what he is doing. He wants to get 3.7 billion for the illegal immigrants but nothing to help the people in Detroit. From the last I notice most people in Detroit are African American or at least a lot of them are. He don't care about us at all. He only care about his friends who is making him rich. Like Sheryl Sherrod said it's not about color its about the haves and have knots.

  16. Ms. Martin asks a good question.  Why are Americans heading to Israel to fight in their army?  Any of them work for Blackwater, er, Zee Services, or whatever name that bunch are operating under since Erik Prince fired himself?  I hold no brief for either side (not here and now, anyway) in this horrendous situation in Gaza and Israel; I just wonder if the IDF is paying for their services what the USA paid certain mercenary multinationals in Iraq.  Anybody in Bibi Netanyahu's entourage notice how that went?  Good work as usual, Ms.  Martin, as also was the Detroit segment.  Water is a right.  Yes, the water bills should be paid, but if they were reasonable fees, maybe they would be paid by now.     

  17. There was more hippies with cameras at that blockade than protesters, yet it makes national news. More and more towards socialism or communism. I don't get a water bill, it.s included in my apartments rent. I would love for the government to pay for me to live in a house, and also get the U.N. to pay my bills. Maybe if I spit out a pile of kids I can get everything for free.

  18. I liked that you talked about Nestlé, I'm guessing that you guys have seen the documentary Bottled Water? Which shows how Nestlé is not only using America but third world countries (Pakistan) when extracting water which impacts not only the people living in those areas but the ecosystem.

  19. When I was younger I received an award and achieved 98% in business. Now let me show you corrupt business practices. Certain races have certain cultural and ingrained traits that need to be smoothed out. Some cultures think lying and duping people is a great philosophy to business, and its honorable. Some use it as a leverage or point of access towards a form a war; with and without knowing. Such as, Asiatic businesses of selling food, typically pass there businesses over to other Chinese family's and continue this funneling process of people into other countries through the means of commerce. They also send money back to their home undermining the governing body and local economies. In this stance they then support and undermine democracy and the right of the people by conforming and voting for monopoly type businesses. Under this guise we then now have created a  tiered system of purchasing rather then making a quality product for quality work and life. Since knowledge has spread, one would think all means of life ot improve, but instead it has deimproved for the majority of Canadians and Americans by the same means.Nafta worsed thing for Canadians and immigration polcies, now we have constant racial propaghanda against the local people andante monarch and traditional ideals. We also have financial thievery and lies wrestling in high places for the pure trance of avarice. So much so that companies now employ tactics of suggestions in order to spark more business without payment ot the idealist. They are stealing that person potential since they have not the capital to pursue and create it of their own volition. it is a shame that freedom has become ot blurry in these days. Look after world war two of all they marvels of love and science undermined by a system of of subordination and attack by control freak foreigners with capital. Re-writing of history is such a sad thing. Now what? I recognize nothing of the land I once loved, but instead they live "happy" in consuming but without life and in part to be a part of the elect. Things of the earth could be so much better without the perversions of things by those that gave their hearts for the benefit of the oppressed marvels of life. Funny how the lightbeaers of humanity are the most hated and sought after to be tamed and controlled by malevolent psychopaths that say of themselves they are the most high. To be honest I would wish ot separate from the mass agains, only since it runs its course to destruction. Calgary is a dead city, I just find it funny how in 40 years nearly every English and French descendent has moved away fled or been scrutinized and harassed for their values, and or had their laws used to the extreme against them. All in the guise o emotional torment. Yeah, business crushing the hearts of humanity.

  20. After hearing this shit by the 'Water brigade," and seeing the "grand" turn out for the "protest," I hope they dry up and blow away. Fucking whining, sniveling little…ummm… voters! But hay… you keep concentrating on the immigration "emergency," them coming over here to take our jobs! Infiltrate our fine educational system!(Every time I talk like that… I gotta poop.) Next thing they will come take your water… ummm, what water? Oh, and what jobs? Our educational system's design, stems from the fucking 50's.(Bruner) Poor baby's are running for their lives… running to what they think is safety. HA!
     Welcome to a "police state," run by americans! Voted in by americans.
    One thing to do… REVOLUTION!

  21. “These are not people who can’t afford to pay. They just don’t want to pay. These are people who are scamming, who want to scam the system. People pay their cable bill, their cell phone bill, all these other bills, and the water bill is the last one they will pay. Why? Because we have never had until this year an aggressive cut-off campaign”.

     – Bill Johnson, spokesman for Detroit's water and sewerage department

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