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In this downturned economy, many companies are finding they need to enact a hiring freeze or put a halt on all employee raises. This means that employees are often increasing their workloads and doing so without any extra monetary compensation. Smart business owners know that making employees feel appreciated can go a long way toward fostering a positive and productive work environment. If you’re a boss looking for a way to show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts, consider buying corporate executive gifts to celebrate workplace anniversaries or other important milestones, giving them an extra day or two of vacation or implementing a recognition program.

Give A Personalized Executive Gift For Special Occasions

Just as in a marriage, a workplace anniversary is a big deal. Whether your employee has worked for your company for a year or 10 years, present them with a personalized executive gift on their workplace anniversary. These gifts can range from a pen or paperweight for the early anniversaries, up to fancier unique executive gifts like crystal clocks or crystal stemware. Giving unique executive gifts to your workers is a relatively inexpensive way to let employees know that you value their work and what they do for your company.

Can’t Give A Raise? Give An Extra Vacation Day

Another low-cost way to let employees know that you value what they do for your business is to provide them with an extra vacation day. If you’re unable to give a raise when it’s time for an employee’s annual review, offer them an extra vacation day. Your workers will quickly realize that you value their work/life balance and most will welcome the paid time-off almost as much as a raise.

Implement A Recognition Program

Another way to show workers that they’re valued is to implement a recognition program. Workers can send each other notes of thanks whenever a coworker does something helpful, whether it’s helping with customer reports or taking over for a few days to cover for another employee’s vacation. The notes can be posted on a community bulletin board for everyone to see and then everyone can be celebrated during a quarterly or yearly awards ceremony. The human resources department can then choose an employee of the year and present them with a personalized executive gift as a token of thanks.

This type of recognition awards program works because it places everything in the hands of the employees. It helps foster an environment of teamwork and appreciation that extends beyond management and into the workforce. The program costs nearly nothing to start and the cost of the corporate executive gifts are minimal when you consider the increase in productivity and teamwork.

Just because you’re cutting back in other business areas doesn’t mean you can’t still show your employees your appreciation. Showing them that you value their work and dedication is easy to do and will help ensure that your company’s workers are happy in their work life.

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