3 Reasons Why Guitarists Are Better in Bed

3 Reasons Why Guitarists Are Better in Bed

Over the years it’s been a dream of many men to become a rock star of epic proportions due to all that potentially comes with it. It’s common knowledge that famous musicians tend to pull in a lot of women but I often wonder if there are concrete reasons why guitarists are better in bed. You see it all the time in tabloids, magazines, the news and on the internet, a guitarist of any band with even the most average if not below of looks with a new girl hanging around their neck in every picture. What is it about these guys that draws in women of all ages, background looks and intelligence? Are they truly better in bed or is it merely the fact that they are famous?

Well, there are different arguments for both points!

1. A guitar is an intricate instrument that takes one major thing to make it create beautiful music, the human behind it. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the strings must be struck in such a way, gentle or rough, to make the desirable sounds, much like a woman’s body, but not so much on the rough side. Because a guitarist is familiar with the strings on the guitar, he knows exactly the type of pressure to apply in order to make the instrument sound the way he’d like it to, or need to. He knows exactly what is needed from his instrument in order to create the rhythm desired to stay in time with the band. Because his mind tends to go with the flow of the music which creates the timing, maybe this is why he’s so good as pleasing women…or is he?

2. Women love a man who seems to be in charge of a situation and when it comes to guitarist, they are normally in the forefront when the band, any band is playing. If it’s a great band and is receiving a great response, then that’s even better. For some reason if a woman goes home with this guy she automatically feels that out of the entire crowd of people, he selected HER, which can in itself be a turn on. What goes on in the bedroom can be quite a different story. Even if he is just the average Joe, she probably knows this but is just happy to be the one that he chose over all of the other ladies in the crowd that night, so to her, this qualifies as being good in her book!

3. Maybe because the guitarist is so used to having his pick of women and has skillfully gained the reputation as being great in bed simply due to all of the practice he’s had over the years. Remember, he didn’t start off as an Adonis, he had to have had a decent enough amount of practice along the way to qualify as gaining the knowledge of a great lover. Great lovers aren’t born, they’re MADE!

So, are the reasons why guitarists are better in bed valid? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never slept with one, but something tells me it wouldn’t matter if he was good or not, if he’s famous, just the thought of being with one would make a woman star struck enough to assume so. That being said, maybe it’s time you learn how to play the guitar!

Source by Mathew Gibson

Written by lyfer

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