21 SMART Profitable Business Ideas for 2022

21 SMART Profitable Business Ideas for 2022

Grab my new list of proven Profitable Business Ideas for 2022. Learn my secret to earning a Full-Time Income From ANYWHERE!


Written by Judd Albring

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  1. I have been thinking about Pet sitting for a long time now, and even made a basic flyer. Nothing special, but I did it. I have to print it out and put it in community boards, maybe get a website. Hoping for at least one sit per week. Even if it pays just the electric and cable bill every month it would help.

    Any tips on how to get one up and running?

  2. Great content. I personally have started 10 of these businesses. Never stuck with any, a serial entrepreneur problem. They are all scalable. Find your why, specialize, stay super focused, and be flexible. Business is like hiring, start slow, fire yourself fast from the boring task, scale as soon as possible. And follow guys like this.

  3. Hey Judd, I wanted to ask about the relaxation video niche on YouTube, I’ve been watching your videos on that and got very intrigued and started checking it out and then there were a few newer videos from some people I’ve never heard of that said that doesn’t work anymore and I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t. So I just wanted to check with you because I know you would tell us if the algorithm has changed and if I should bail on that idea?… Otherwise those people may be trying to just debunk something. I appreciate your honesty and hard work a lot!

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