2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: Must-See Moments | E! News

2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: Must-See Moments | E! News

The 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing kicks off with yet another beautiful display of lights, fireworks and shirtless hotties. Plus …


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  1. Pls.pray the rosary and devine mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, diseases, calamities, hunger, corruption, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce,prostitution,homosexuality,euthanasia,drugs,pornography,corruption,vices and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home. . . …

  2. If you are for freedom you’d boycott this communist heap of garbage called the Beijing 2022 Olympics. They DO NOT stand for the freedoms we Canadians enjoy IN FACT they endorse division and control only for the fact that it worked on their minorities with the highest levels of surveillance. While we watch the games China makes moves behind the scenes. You think our government is bad? Wait till these communist asshats start attempting world domination then say bye bye to our charter of rights and freedoms. China does not care about us or anyone they just want all ex Chinese nations like Taiwan back within the realm of China similar to the Kremlin and their plan to take back Ukraine. BOYCOTT TRUDEAU AND BOYCOTT CHINA AND ITS GARBAGE OLYMPICS

  3. its a distortion to say putin fell asleep . He only closed his eyes at certain moment during the parade of athletes . Ofc he would only be interested in the marchpast of his country athletes and ridiculous to expect him not to rest his eyes at any moment thro out the whole duration of the contingents marchpast.
    Like all the other spectators, he wouldnt close his eyes for the rest of the night highly anticipated performances They were stunning, spectacular n beautiful and anyone on the stands must count themselves lucky to be there to witness such a feast for the eyes.

  4. Countries like China and Russia should not be allowed to host the Olympics! China esecially cheats and its level of cheating is beyond human comprehension. It is a morally depraved and DISGUSTING country! The reason for this is the CCP! Mao Zedong sat by and watched as the Chinese people ate their own babies during the Great Famine!!! Don't believe this? Do a Google search.

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