20 Disturbing Google Earth Images Explained | Google Maps is Darker Than You Think

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32 thoughts on “20 Disturbing Google Earth Images Explained | Google Maps is Darker Than You Think

  1. 10:03 yall know the vid about glitches in the mstrix? And one story had to do with one old man walking back and forth then an identical looking man looked at him, started walking back and forth and then the 1st guy left? Could this be evidence of that?

  2. I have a fear of birds and a strange story about how that fear came about. My paternal grandmother wasn't exactly the friendliest woman. She especially felt that I was a spoiled little brat because I was very sickly, and my mom wouldn't let her use her "root medicine" on me. When I was about five she sent me out in the backyard with a bag of stale bread me to stand there. The flock of birds that came to grab the bread scared the crap out of me and I've been terrified ever since. My mom didn't realize how bad it was until she tried watching the movie The Birds with Rod Taylor, Tippy Hedren, and Jessica Tandy. My dad slept on the couch almost a week, because my nightmares were so bad😩😭😭

  3. For the donkey one it’s a miniature donkey and it’s taking a dirt bath cause that’s how they clean themselves my family had a small herd of mini donkeys when I was younger and they loved doing this over fresh disturbed dirt so it’s not shocking that it laid down behind the car and rolled around in the dirt the car kicked up

  4. 14:36 okay, so, fun story. I was on vacation in Arizona with my family and we had stopped off by a restaurant to get lunch. There was a gas station next the the restaurant and there was an RV there. Suddenly, there was this loud bang and the RV exploded into flames still RIGHT NEXT to the gas pump and our rental car that we were using. Thank goodness, the firemen came in a matter of minutes and the only thing that was damaged was the RV. It was still fricking terrifying though

  5. The photo with the broken giant face looks like its from The Hague in the Netherlands. I live here and its the statue near the beach strand, so its super close to dunes thou in the photo it looks like in the middle of nowhere. There are actually touristic attractions next to it, like an aquarium, bars and restaurants. The architect created more and they placed them all over town. Its lovely up close. Not creepy but just funny because the city advertises it as a sort of game. You have to see the city in order to find all the faces.

  6. I’m sure someone has already said this , but the ‘Run, Run far away’ on the Flock of Seagulls picture is actually a line from the band A Flock of Seagulls. Google it. It’s worth it just for their hair!

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