15 Creepiest Things Found On Google Maps

15 creepiest things found on Google Maps including a photo of an alien by the side of the road and a man in a Pennywise clown mask hiding in the sewer.

26 thoughts on “15 Creepiest Things Found On Google Maps

  1. 3:38 Kallen HOW is this stretch of road “uninhabited?” When it’s clearly inhabited by 4 people and at least 2 cars 🚗??. …. you’re really starting to exaggerate every scenario like your friend “Chills”, and you’re losing your impeccable reputation! NOT GOOD DUDE! Not good….. shakes head sadly 😞

  2. Penny-wise in the sewer! Creepy but funny! 5:32, that guy probably has a car fetish, ew! 5:57… a bit of zombie fun! 6:08, now that is purely terrifying and yes it does look like a murder scene! What….it's not? Phew! And the last one… all I can say is, " Are you my mummy?" some will get that reference! Thanks so much, that was SUPER CREEPY! Yikes!

  3. Is it me or does the graveyard look like the millennium falcon. When I was watching this in picture to picture view it got to the baby one and stopped and went to YouTube and stated playing it from the start again creepy aye.

  4. Number 12: (I'm aware this video is old) That's Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the original IT. It's entirely possible someone screenshotted the original photo, found a picture of Pennywise, and photoshopped him in. You can even see a small dent where his mouth is.
    It's a really good photoshop job. Cutos to the person that made it
    Does anyone get the joke?
    … I'll go home

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