10 Scary Things Caught On Google Maps

Description: It's incredible how far technology has come in just the past few decades. We take for granted the fact that nearly anywhere on Earth is accessible via ...

46 thoughts on “10 Scary Things Caught On Google Maps

  1. You really said Natural erosion .look closer tak a still shot of then zoom in on the other stuff and the construction going on by the lil ones in and about the fave chin head eyes lil ship in the bottom corner the skul l

  2. Face above has plucked out eye and that is a bug in the ear left ear see the underword being climbing up the string for father's had left side mutatms and the Indians also have cleft feet and arm left side alway blacked seek proof in old HISTORICALLY HISTORICALLY pictures i saw it my first time in 2nd grade on a picture of Lincoln he had his arm singing not in his coat i know or believe he had it cut off and was not alive in the picture but tied to the tent fo the pic

  3. Her legs. Alien legs? Look at the green part of the grass behind her. It bends in the same direction as the lower half of her legs. Notice? Photo is distorted. Number 10 pffffft!

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