10-Part Summer Checklist for the Motivated Player

10-Part Summer Checklist for the Motivated Player

Summer is known as the off-season to those who only know basketball as a winter sport. To this player, though, summer is a prime time to make great strides and improvement in many aspects of their game. Summer is simply the “time to get better.”

10-Part Summer Checklist for the Motivated Player:

1. With the input of your coach, create a summer workout schedule. Once written, it will become your tool for becoming a better basketball player this summer.

2. Concentrate on specific areas of your game. Instead of identifying “ball handling” as an area you need work on, focus on some specific areas of ball handling. For example, you could work on weak hand in the open court, dribbling against pressure, or driving into the paint against physical play. The results you get this summer on specific parts of your game will depend on whether you are able to identify them in the first place. ASK your coach to outline specific things for you to spend your time on.

3. Use open gym for individual or small group work. The idea of pick up basketball in the summer can make a coach ill. These games are nothing but the reinforcement of bad habits. Pass up those pick up games and say YES to focused individual work. The results will be incredible. Remember, you get out what you put in!

4. Enjoy your time away from school with hobbies and activities you enjoy. Fishing, hiking, camping, music, church groups and spending time with friends are good releases during the summer.

5. Identify with your teammates what you need to do as a team to maximize your next season. By bringing together the thoughts and ideas of all players, you can form a common goal and decide to become committed to it.

6. Study tapes of NCAA and NBA games to see how players execute at that level. Take these tips and apply them to your game. For example, how does a great shooter get open consistently over the course of a game? Identify these skills and try them out for yourself.

7. Spend time with your family during the summer. The school year is a hectic time for everyone, so use the summer to enjoy those loved ones around you. Tell them how much they mean to you by telling them and spending time with them.

8. Access your academic standing and the courses you are scheduled for in the fall. You may be considering your college choices or your major during the summer also. Determine fall testing dates for the ACT and SAT if your are college bound. If changes to your schedule need to be made, don’t wait to do it. Be preventative and get it done now. Also, the summer is a prime time to visit college campuses of your choice.

9. Summer is a time to re-connect with things that are at your core. This may be a hobby, your spirituality, or a particular belief of yours. Being young is the time you develop your thoughts and philosophies on many important parts of life.

10. Turn off the TV and head outside to shoot 100 jump shots!

Players can make tremendous improvements during the summer. Use these 10 points to become the player you really want to be.

Source by Randy Brown

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