10 Most Amazing Underground CITIES !

Hi everyone! I hope you're ready to get weird because in today's video we're delving deep, as the dwarves would say, exploring dark and strange places ...

33 thoughts on “10 Most Amazing Underground CITIES !

  1. Isn't it kind of dangerous to rely on a food source that is underground whenever we've had so much flooding it would be very possible to lose the Whole Food stores if those areas were to flood

  2. The subject matter is great…but thats it. Presented in the most teeth gritting way possible…pictures not even related to the subject being talked about. Then the numerous adds…like uTube doesn't give us two at the start now! It truly is time to think about leaving uBoob!!!

  3. the first one is a salt mine that closed in 2007, theres a chapel that took over 30 years to construckt.. so it was started building 10 years before the slatmines closed? or it dosent make sence xD

  4. why are many people kept thinking these bunkers can, in fact, saves them from major Earthquakes or if the end of the world is here! first and foremost, if that happens there is not enough money, or bunkers going to save you from something to which God created. And why again science truly believe they can save their lives from God's wrath? the answer is no one can't. I don't know how much money you think you have or how much power you think have that can literally save you from God's Almighty wrath. please take those stupid ideas out of your head because they're not true. If you going to die one day, well guess what, you will eventually die and that's the end of it.

  5. there are other huge underground salt mines: 1 is in Praid, Romania, has 4-6 enourmous cavities, and one is Turda where you can play, get treatment, and rent boats to row inside a salty lake inside the mine, thank you for your interest

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