10 Disturbing Things Found on Google Maps

Google Maps allows anyone and everything to view satellite images on Earth. Over the years people have found some pretty strange things captured on these ...

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46 thoughts on “10 Disturbing Things Found on Google Maps

  1. According to OPERATION HIGH JUMP DOCUMENT The original 1,941 pages. Atlantis is located 860 NM S BY SW off the west coast of Africa . This exact location your showing . If it weren't the location. Then why did Google Earth fog out the current location from viewing. Ocean X the ones that discovered the UFO anomaly in the Baltic sea , they were investigating with sonar and were told to stop by the African government .

  2. That Triangle UFO is the TR3B of the U.S. Navy or U.S. Air Force. There are actual Patents for the AntiGravity Engine, which uses 3 Engines at each triangle corner & 1 in the center. The Antigravity system is of Super Cooled Liquid Mercery spining at really high rates. When activated, the electromagnetic current of the spinning liquid mercury of all 3 engine systems creates, like its own gravitational field or electromagnetic bubble around the craft protecting the craft from the outside gravitational pull, making it possible to turn on a dime & protect the passengers from extreme pressure from high speeds.
    I'm not an engineer or designer, but I am an Electronics Technician understanding certain electrical aspects, but nothing as advanced as the TR3B. But I just wanted people to know that the Triangular Craft is Not Alien, but is ours, the United States Military. One of the things the Deep State is hiding. But I think that when President Trump is back in White House for his 2nd Term, here really soon, that his Administration will let everyone in on these Secrets & more!

  3. I seen one on the shores of the ocean but the one I seen was see-through you could actually see the outline but it looked like the ocean. It was flying very low to the shore of the ocean I seen it because I was on the fifth floor of our hotel in Panama Beach. I have now seen the same thing two times.

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