10 Companies That Are More Powerful Than You Realised

Did you know that the vast majority of the products you buy are all owned by a small number of all-powerful super companies? Alltime 10s brings you the ...

27 thoughts on “10 Companies That Are More Powerful Than You Realised

  1. Wake up people. These companies are ruling the world and everything that we do and are all in bed with each other to bring in the new world order which is just around the corner. Covid is a plandemic designed to disable the global economy and bring in this new world system which is a global Communist system. Wake up and see what’s really happening in this world before it’s too late.

  2. Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy | Benjamin Gal-Or | Springer//// Click name for new, dozen, online, free books at U-tube – all COLOR-illustrated with hundreds references – mainly in science – 2 as graduate and undergraduate CORE CURRICULUM CULTURAL COURSE BOOKS [CCCC]. \\ After the rain he collected them from under the trees //// and made mushroom soup with seeds, meat and pita, then lived 175 year and left us 3 major world religions that for 4,000 year most knowing not what to do with them, except the first mankind profession – no, that was not for the women, as you say, but for the men, to fight on almost everything and any idea, to covet, adopt, compete, steal, destroy, punish – which we call education. — Try the healthy diet to live max. No need to create another set of new religions. Most agree, NO MORE.

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