1 Fact for EVERY Smash Bros Character!

151 Facts About the Original 151 Pokemon! https://youtu.be/bV-3YkJ-gLo Did you know Bowser was supposed to be in the original Smash Bros? Or what about ...

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  1. you don't what R.O.B. does?
    let me explain
    he is able to read signals from old TV's that 2 specific games gave (Gyromite & Stack-Up)
    the player activates those signals with specific button inputs
    and R.O.B. does varies actions, based on the signals (move arms up, down, left, right, open & close)

    and if you're wonder, why he was made
    simple, to sell the NES, since robots where all the rage back then

  2. A bit of a correction about Terry.

    Fatal Fury is Terry’s home series but it was the KOF series that inspired Smash. And here’s where the mistake made is an understandable one, while Fatal Fury’s subtitle is King of Fighters, it is a completely separate thing from the KOF series that would begin later with KOF94 which was the series Sakurai referred to.

  3. The King of Fighters (spin off to Fatal Fury) is the first full crossover fighting game in the shared SNK universe. Sakurai was playing one of the games when he came up with the idea of Smash, but I don’t believe the idea of crossovers had any influence at first since the first demo of smash didn’t have Nintendo characters yet, but I imagine once he got his hands on the first 12 he wanted to make his own KoF.

  4. About Dark Pit, Dark Pit lost its Power of flight when he went to "Rewind Spring" to save Pit's wings because he (Pit) was the only one who could save the world from Hades but because his heroic instinct got first, and tried to save Dark Pit from… falling I guess or dying from the Chaos Kin when it captured him (Dark Pit) but when Pit asked Viridi for the power of flight, she said that he can't use it now because he already did and his wings will catch on fire. In the end, Pit convinced Viridi to do it. So then Dark Pit got to the "Rewind Spring" to revive Pit's wings but Pandora's powers got out of Dark Pit's wings and got into the "Rewind Spring" reviving Pandora herself resulting in Dark Pit loosing his "ability" to fly.

    But other from that… Nice Video Dude, keep up the great… no… amazing work. Also your voice would fit as a narrator in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as an Alternative. 😂😅

  5. for the Corrin fact, a more funny interesting fact is FE Fates didn't get released in NA till after Corrin was announce in Smash, Japan already got to play Fates. On top of that Corrin's signature Sword, the Yato blade, you can't even get it to look like that in both Birthright or in Conquest. The only way to get that Sword look is in Revelation when your up against the final boss of it.

  6. 3:36 This isn't entirely accurate. Mewtwo in Melee is unlocked by playing 20 hours of VS. in general, meaning any stage can work for it, not just Pokemon Stadium. However, the time in each match is multiplied by the number of human players in that match. So with 2 human players, you can reduce it to 10 hours, 3 human players need a minimum of 6 hours 40 minutes, and 4 human players can reduce it all the way to 5 hours. You can also play 700 VS. Matches to completion to try to unlock him, but I personally wouldn't recommend it.
    10:11 No, I'm pretty sure that's just a prop made to look like a Triforce. It's in New Leaf, though I only know that from googling it 'cause I don't play Animal Crossing.

  7. I remember Ridley's road to Smash. In SSBN64, he was a Background Accessory. In SSBM, he was a Trophy. In SSBB, he was a Boss. In SSB4, he was a Stage Hazard. And now, in SSBU, he's finally a Fighter. The roles he played had gradually brought him closer to the game.

    My favorite moment in SSB4 was at the Pyro-Sphere when I was playing as Samus against a Link, and I had beaten Ridley into submission, gaining him as an Ally, and Summoning Dark Samus as a Trophy Assist. It looked as though one World united against another. If only Zelda and Ganondorf were with Link during that moment. That temporary 3v1 would have been a 3v3.

  8. I didn’t hear a fact for Mythra so I’ll say one for her…
    In the original game, Mythra is more powerful than Pyra as Pyra is only able to use a fraction of the power Mythra has. However in Smash Ultimate they have reversed roles and made Pyra having more power than Mythra cause Pyra powers up her attacks with fire as stated by Rex in the reveal trailer.

  9. The other fact about Min Min's reveal trailer is that it's inaccurate to the ARMS lore: once a person gets the ability, it's forever, and they are forced to wear a mask developed by ARMS Laboratories, otherwise the springy arms would spiral out of control.

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