Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, A.K.A. "'Luck" was introduced to the rap game at the young age of 8 by his friends and family. Inspired by Jay Z and T.I. rapping over the beats created by innovators such as Neptunes, he started writing lyrics and creating beats to go with them. He later went on to develop his own style of rapping and producing, which was inspired by the Wu Tang Clan and Crime Mob in particular.


Virginia rapper, Kwon Chamber1an, is a hip-hop artist, songwriter, producer and founder of S.W.I.M. (See What I Mean). The S.W.I.M. movement has been in existence for ten years and is a staple in his music and ministry. He's a versatile hip-hop artist, with a throwback vibe to the golden era of rap music, but he also adds a new age approach to his music with a blend of "Sound With Intent Mindstate".

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As an artist that doesn't just love to write, "Kodeine Wit Da K" believes that stories can change lives and is on a mission to change as many as possible. With a slew of dedicated followers she's helped women with self esteem issues and people who may struggle to deal with their emotions. Through her music she's shared personal struggles and the artistry behind her modeling and lyrical ability is undeniable.
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James Bond Beezy is a street hiphop PRODUCER & artist from Norfolk, VA. Hip-Hop music and lyrics make up the core of James Bond Beezy's brand. He has been recognized as an up and coming artist in the urban community as well as one of the top visual artists across all major social network sites such as WorldStarHipHop.com, SoundCloud, DatPiff, Myspace, YouTube and more.

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Welcome to Our Brand

OVG, S.W.I.M. and Rap Money Ent. are announcing a merger that will create one of the most powerful brands in independent music marketing services. The combined entity will offer a full range of artist development services for independent artists, with a focus on developing new revenue streams with an emphasis on music distribution, marketing, social media marketing, tour promotion, digital distribution, graphic design and more.



To me, this album is a throwback to my emotional and transitional growth as an artist. It's a continuation of my previous album, but with a different energy, and more personal lyrics.


We've all heard the saying, "there's more than one side to every story." The idea of the "other side" is what S.W.I.M. album is all about. It's a dedication to the other side of the story and how it all came together or how it almost didn't.

OVG - Supreme

Supreme has always been a brand that celebrates diversity and individuality. With this throwback album, OVG tackles the topics of body language, culture, discrimination and friendship.


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